Saturday, June 06, 2015

Ben Carson: I've Should Of Done Brain Surgery On My Staffers!

Help a brother out!

Will Ben Carson claim racism for his staff bolting on him?

Two months in and he's already in turmoil. The only Black candidate running for the clown car had most of his staff leave the campaign.

If things don't turn right for him, he may bow out.

Four top level staffers had to bounce after a bit of conflict. The Run Ben Run Pac is in disarray too.

Carson's rise to insurgent status started in 2013 when he insulted President Barack Obama during the National Prayer's Breakfast.

Since then he's been the new toy among the racist right. The former neurosurgeon who wrote A Gifted Hands decided to enter the race in the sole goal to repeal Obamacare and bring common sense conservatism to the country.

While everyone on the racist right hopes Hillary Clinton implodes, here is Ben Carson.

Carson is going through a Newt Gingrich experience. When Gingrich ran for president, middle into the campaign he lost a handful of staffers and was on the verge of major debt. He would rebound in the later debates and became the candidate who managed to win South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi in the Republican clown show in 2012. He would bow out knowing that perennial loser Mitt Romney would eventually fall to Obama.

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