Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rozay In County Lockup After An Alleged Kidnapping Charge!

Rick Ross is a gangsta and a gentleman. The rapper in currently in lockup after allegations of a beat down of a guest. 

The bawse got caught up. William Leonard Roberts II, known as Rick Ross (or Rozay) is in the lock up after a no knock at his mansion in Atlanta. He and his body Nadrian James were arrested after accusations of a kidnapping surfaced.

The U.S. Marshals entered the mansion in the early with guns drawn. They came a knocking.

Rozay the founder of Maybach Music Group is a signed act on Def Jam.

Rozay is affiliated with Jay-Z, Sean "Puffy" Combs and Ted "Touche" Lucas of Slip-N-Slide Music.

He released six albums, five compilation albums and three official mixtapes. He signed on Wale, Meek Mill, French Montana, Stalley and R&B Omarion to his label. They released albums on the Maybach Music label.

Meek Mill, Wale and Rozay were nominated for Grammy's.

The rapper was put in Fayette County lockup on the charges of aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Allegedly a guest at his home was given the five finger roll. The guest got his head knocked with the .45, face stomped and beaten until he turned blue. The guest decided to press charges against Rozay.

I bet it was probably one of the rapper's closest allies. The guest turned snitch.

The AP reports that Rozay was jailed without bail on kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges, said Jim Joyner, a supervisor with the Marshals Service task force.

The June 7 attack left the man with injuries that included two chipped teeth and a neck injury, authorities said.
Rick Ross with his son at a Miami Heat game.
"The victim lost use of his jaw and is restricted to soft foods and liquid diet only as a result of not being able to chew food," an arrest warrant states.

Ross and James are both accused of forcing the man into the guesthouse, down a hallway and into a bedroom, resulting in the kidnapping charges. Both are also accused of assaulting him.

Ross also faces an aggravated assault charge involving a Glock handgun. He's accused of using the gun to strike the man in the head and body, and also pointing the weapon at him.

"The victim was then questioned under duress and forced to answer questions at gunpoint," one of the arrest warrants states.

The court papers do not indicate what led to the attack, nor do they outline the relationship between Ross, the bodyguard and the man who was injured.

It wasn't immediately clear whether Ross and James have attorneys who could be contacted for comment. A message left at Maybach Music Group, Ross' record label, was not returned Wednesday morning.

When officers armed with the arrest warrants showed up at the mansion, once owned by boxer Evander Holyfield, someone inside refused to open the gate leading to the home, authorities said.

"They refused to open the gate, so we opened the gate for them," Joyner said.

Once officers got past the gate, someone inside opened the front door so they didn't have to break it down, Joyner said. Ross and the bodyguard were then taken into custody without incident, Joyner said.

"They didn't put up a struggle or anything," he said.

Ross made an initial appearance before a magistrate judge Wednesday morning and the judge denied bail, Fayette County sheriff's spokesman J. Allen Stevens said.

It was second time in the past two weeks Ross has been arrested in Fayette County. On June 10, Ross was booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession.

In that case, Ross and a passenger were pulled over because the windows of the Bentley in which they were riding violated tinting regulations, Stevens, the sheriff's spokesman, said at the time. The officer smelled marijuana and found some inside the car, Stevens said.

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