Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sean Hannity Concern Trolling Hip-Hop!

The biggest concern troll to ever exist in the media complains about the Confederate flag. He calls hip-hop music and rapper Jay-Z racist.

Republican governors Nikki Haley, Robert Bentley, Phil Bryant, Bill Haslam, and Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe heard the call and they're listening. They are calling for state lawmakers to remove all traces of the Confederacy.

Of course a huge moment in American history becomes a partisan event. Some conservatives are pissed that the Republicans coward to political correctness. Some are pointing out the entertainment industry for being "racist". Some are finding their outrage at President Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton.

After all, what major event wouldn't include these guys?

The biggest concern troll to ever exist in the media is going after hip-hop in defense of the Confederate flag.

Sean Hannity, the most annoying conservative agitator to ever be on television and radio went right into his attack of hip-hop music. He singled out Jay-Z, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent (who Hannity pronounced Fiddi) for promoting the NIGGA and BITCHES in the albums.

Hence forth, they're entertainers and there not elected officials. They don't have radio shows which promote speech most considered controversial. They just put it on albums and sale the edited songs on the public airwaves.

Okay, you have to be over 17 years old to purchase an explicit hip-hop, rock and raunchy comedian's album.

I bet the fool didn't realized that the Parental Advisory was a theme of his extremists buddies when it came to promoting music they deemed violent. That means nothing to the conservative agitator.

Why does every event in America drives this stupid concern trolling?

A White terrorist causes a mass murder embraced the Confederate flag, got his talking points from outlets like this annoying conservative agitator's program and spent a majority trolling the internet with inflammatory rhetoric. It happens to be this fool Hannity rushing to defend a symbol of a failed legacy and country. A symbol that embraces White extremism.

For you see, Hannity picks his talking points from the conservative Craigslist. This is likely where this agitator got his rant from. He is reading that Walmart, Sears, Amazon and other outlets are pushing out the flag on their websites. Anything that affiliates with the Confederate flag is scrubbed.

Now all of a sudden, rappers are singled out. I know that Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent skirted lockup and the iron college. They got great lawyers and their images makes $$$$$$. Ludacris isn't that type of crowd. He is a entertainer who raps, sings and acts. He's a married man and is a responsible father to children. I haven't heard of a felony committed by Luda. So what's the point of throwing him into this rant?

For one thing, I think this conservative agitator is jealous of Jay-Z and Beyonce. He bitches about him and more then the others. He started the feud with the Carters after they inspired fans to support President Barack Obama during his reelection bid.
Ludacris performs with Snoop Dogg and Nelly.
He got his nerve to call him a "former crack dealer". Yeah, a former crack dealer who turned his life around and became a business mogul. A man who can say he owned a sports team, an alcoholic beverage, a clothing company, and a handful of record labels. A man who has a beautiful wife and daughter. A man who makes over $1 billion.

Way more than the old fart Hannity!

And speaking of racist associations, Mr. Hannity has a lot of dirty laundry. Hal Turner and Cliven Bundy are Hannity's buddies.

The silly agitator wanted to get involved with a rancher who failed to pay his land fees. Hannity devoted his program and offered support to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. Later in the week, Bundy went on a racial diatribe about the NEGROS being better off picking cotton than getting government assistance.

Hannity bailed out on Bundy. He canceled his trip to Las Vegas after hearing Bundy's rants.

Hannity is a guy who once invited a White extremist named Hal Turner to his television program.

Turner who is in federal time out for threatening a federal judge would be willing to spill the beans about his buddy. Obviously Turner is a rat. He ratted out White supremacists for immunity from a 40 year time out.

Jay-Z said, [Beyonce] makes more money than most of you fools!

Maybe piss poor Sean Hannity wants a piece of that action.

I predict in a few years, the cannon will be firing him out!

All this name calling, name dropping, partisan dog piling, disrespecting guest because of disagreements, ongoing guilt by association obsession and his pathetic shout fest programs are some of the reasons to why I expect Sean Hannity to be fired out the cannon.

Mediaite will likely be nominating him once again as the world's worst cable news host. He seems to be right on track with this. I've mention this cat over 300 times and it seems like it's not getting any better.

I promise if I keep posting more stories involving him, I swear that I will devote a whole blog to him. I might call it "Whine Hannity".

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