Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who They Gonna Blame Now That People Died In Separate Shootings In Baltimore?

The death of many in Baltimore still happens. Yet, conservative pretend that it's every day and the president allows it.

Of course we blame the shooter. But in this gotcha media, the conservative agitators would rather focus on the president, Rev. Perm, the mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby.

World News Today has just learned that nine people died in separate shootings in the city of Baltimore and surrounding communities. We send our condolences to those lost in these senseless tragedies.

There was spike in violence in the city. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the violence was bad.

The conservative agitators decided to find some reason to go after the mayor, the state prosecutor and President Barack Obama for this.

They claim that since six Baltimore officers were arrested in the death of Freddie Gray, the city has went into utter chaos. The agitators claim that the cops aren't going to their jobs.

The country's worst cable news host once again digs to the bottom of the barrel. On his right wing carnival, that annoying conservative agitator claims that he interviewed a Baltimore cop who "knows" about the Freddie Gray controversy. Of course, when the cop appears on camera, he's hidden his face, and had his voice altered.

Are you going to believe this cop? Was he there?

Or perhaps was he one of the arresting officers who his indicted on involuntary homicide?

Since he claims he's a cop for the city, did the cop violate the Baltimore Metro Police code of conduct by appearing on a "carnival" of utter right wing stupidity without proper clearance?

Will Gawker out this cop?

The Blame Game: Once again whenever a tragedy occurs in America, the partisan agitators refuse to blame the shooter, the stabber and the criminal. The agitators (especially conservatives) point their fingers at others. Those who have an opinion about a controversy.

I mean since when is it illegal to say something about police brutality?

I mean don't conservatives want more guns on the street. They run around screaming about the 2nd Amendment and how their freedoms are being stripped.

Since when did the gun supporting agitators become gun control advocates?

It pisses me off that some in the media never call out the conservative agitators for being hypocrites.

They can say that these agitators aren't relevant to the real issues. They can boycott and protest them.

But they never take the time to honestly tell them how does this issue matter when we have so many other issues.

Yeah, there was deadly violence with gun crime. But over the Memorial Day weekend, there were people who died in car accidents. There were people who died in drownings. There were people who died in heat related events. There were people who died in the floods down south.

None of this stuff got their attention. After all they can't blame Obama for these events.

Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Colin Flaherty are notorious race baiters. They will be mentioned in the final postings.


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