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Sheriff David Clarke: _________ That __________ Marilyn Mosby And Freddie Gray!

Controversial lawman compares apples to grapefruit.

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke has once again injected himself into a controversy he has no business jumping into. He makes the most dumbest assertion in the Freddie Gray controversy.

He claims that Baltimore city prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is a neophyte and an opportunist. Clarke is upset like most on the racist right that these cops are being charged with felonies. These cops allowed a suspect to sustain severe injuries that led to his death.

Clarke digs into his ass and pulled out a turd.

He compared this controversy to the Duke Lacrosse Case.

He appears on that network that scares White people with stories of Blacks looting the liquor store.

Your Ego with Neil Cuvato is the afternoon program that mixes politics, business and scantly clad women in an hour program. The lawman appears on the program to give his expertise.

Clarke said of the charges, “it’s a miscarriage of justice. This neophyte prosecutor stood up there and made a political statement, Neil, and I say that because she’s chanting or voicing some of the chants from this angry mob. Her job is to tune that out. She said, I hear the voices. She’s not supposed to hear anything as she reviews this case that is not consistent with the rule of law and our system of justice. Look, I’m an experienced and a veteran homicide detective. I've had — I've participated in charging conferences. There is no way I have ever gotten a criminal charge within 24 hours after taking over all the reports and evidence to a prosecutor. A prosecutor who is thorough needs several days to sift through hundreds of pages of reports. They usually want to interview some of the witnesses themselves, in person, and they have to sift through all of the evidence, piece by piece, and they have to wait for some of the forensics evidence to conclude, to come back and that’s why I say on a minimum, three to four days. She just got this case yesterday. This is political activism. She’ll never prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, and I’m not going to silently stand by and watch my brother officers, offered up as human sacrifices, thrown like red meat to an angry mob, just to appease this angry mob.” And that “she rushed this thing through.”

After his interview was cut off to carry a Fraternal Order of Police press conference live, he continued, “she knows she’s not going to be able to prove these charges beyond a reasonable doubt. This is George Zimmerman and the Duke Lacrosse case all over again. A politically active district attorney or state’s attorney, you can tell the emotion in her voice, she almost did this with glee. And that’s why I believe, like they [the FOP] do…she needs to remove herself from the case. I hope the state’s attorney general gets involved in this, and sees the error of her ways. The smart for her to do is recuse herself and name a special prosecutor.”

He added that “there may be and probably are, some civil torts here, but what little I know, and I don’t know all the facts, but I’m listening to the emotion in their voice, and listening to those political statements that she made at the end of that news conference, that’s political activism, it’s wrong, it’s probably in violation of her code of ethics as a lawyer. And again, I’m going to take my time with this, but I’m not going to sit idly by, and I want to call out to every law enforcement officer in the country to pay attention to this. Because, I see a pattern, at least demands from an angry mob, that we be offered up as human sacrifices. We don’t do that in our system of justice in the United States just to please an angry mob. And I sense from what I heard her say, Neil, that that’s what is going on here.”

Clarke concluded, “there are some things I find in this case — what little I know — that are problematic from a procedural standpoint, but Neil, it doesn't make it criminal. These cops are political prisoners. I’m calling them political prisoners because this state’s attorney, stood up there and made a political statement at the end, talking about she hears the voices, and no justice and no peace.”

The case was polarizing as well. Crystal Mangum, the former stripper claimed that three white Duke students raped her while she was drunk. That didn't turn out to be case and the three men were cleared of the crime.

Mangum would later get 20 in the iron college after she admitted to killing her boyfriend in a fight.

The controversial lawman has been praised by the racist right for being the only Nigger that makes sense. Of course, the people of Milwaukee and the county he resides in aren't fond of him. They practically despise him and think his opportunistic quest to be mayor could be the reason why he's making more appearances on that news network that scares White people.

Clarke is getting the conservative badge of honor. The splash on the conservative Craiglist came Friday around 7pm and this rant was linked from Breitfart yet again.

This lawman is a Democrat. Or rather a Republican who ran as an independent in a Democratic primary to win over Black votes. He wanted to prove to the junk food media that the Black community is enslaved by the "Democrat" Party and it's slave owner Barack Obama.

As with many who viewed the riots in Baltimore, many have an opinion. Obviously the Republicans and their conservative allies view the riots as "failed liberal" policies and whatever else they pull out their asses.

And Clarke calls the rioters, "sub human". The junk food media says this is rioters tearing up their neighborhoods are no different than those who reacted in Benghazi/

Some have said that Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis and every city with a minority-majority are "Third World" nations. Whatever it takes to make $$$$ of Black pain. Ignoring the fact that these were isolate incidents being overblown. The events happened in three neighborhoods of the city.

It wasn't happening in the other neighborhoods.There's over 140 neighborhoods in Baltimore. There were just three neighborhoods.

While he is certainly entitled to opinion, this lawman needs put a cork in it.

Clarke is a pathetic excuse for cop. I bet that some in Wisconsin's law circles hate this guy and wish he would not embarrass his state. He needs to focus on his own jurisdiction.

Mosby isn't stepping aside despite the outcry from the racist right. She is certainly getting death threats over this controversy.

The Baltimore six face the music. The list of names are down below.
These are the mugshots of the six officers who were charged for involuntary manslaughter in the death of unarmed suspect Freddie Gray. One of the officers is facing second degree murder by reckless unjustifiable homicide. These faces will see a day in court.

Three of the officers are facing manslaughter charges and one faces an additional count of second degree depraved-heart murder. The murder charge carries a possible penalty of 30 years in the iron college; the manslaughter and assault offenses carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in the iron college.

All six officers were released from jail after posting bail the same day they were booked. Two officers were released on $250,000 bail and the four others' bail was $350,000.

  • Officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr.: Second degree depraved heart murder; involuntary manslaughter; second-degree assault; manslaughter by vehicle (gross negligence); manslaughter by vehicle (criminal negligence); misconduct in office.
  • Officer William G. Porter: Involuntary manslaughter; second degree assault; misconduct in office.
  • Lt. Brian W. Rice: Involuntary manslaughter; two counts of second degree assault; manslaughter by vehicle (gross negligence); two counts of misconduct in office; false imprisonment.
  • Officer Edward M. Nero: Two counts of second degree assault; manslaughter by vehicle (gross negligence); two counts of misconduct in office; false imprisonment.
  • Officer Garrett E. Miller: Two counts of second degree assault; two counts of misconduct in office; false imprisonment.
  • Sgt. Alicia D. White: Involuntary manslaughter; second degree assault; misconduct.

They are innocent until proven guilty. They are currently on suspension and were granted "get out free" cards.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said there was no place in the Baltimore Police department for those police officers who "choose to engage in violence, brutality, racism and brutality." Gene Ryan, president of the police union chapter said that despite the tragic situation, "none of the officers involved are responsible for the death of Mr. Gray."

Now with that being said, we will continue to follow this controversy.

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