Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Obama: Fox News Got People Thinking The Poor Are Lazy!

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The president says that the network that scares White people is attacking the poor.

President Barack Obama dings the nut farm again. And yes, he meant what he said.

What got the folks pissed over at that cable news channel that scares White people is the remarks that Obama said at a summit on poverty at Georgetown University.

The president stated that network spends more time bashing the poor than focusing on the reasons to why it's still a struggle despite an improving economy.

He says that network would cherry pick the one aspect of society saying they don't want to work but earn entitlements. The network would ignore the vast majority of the working poor who work one or two jobs to at least pay bills and put food on the table.

It didn't take long before the nut farm got riled up over it. Trust me, the racist right views that network regularly and they have nothing but hate towards the poor and the president.

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