Friday, May 01, 2015

Mile High Heating And Cooling Got Cold Comfort!

There is a controversy from Denver. A suburban heating and cooling business got some unwanted attention after a hidden camera caught one of their employees boldly telling the snitch that the business refuses to serve the "colored" neighborhood.

Denver's Montbello neighborhood must be a Black majority neighborhood.

Fox31 Denver caught the woman by the name of Andrea giving the snitch a heads up to why they placed Montbello on the "never call" listing.

Mile High Heating & Cooling website uses stock photos of White families.
Andrea says that those people are too broke to pay up for services rendered. That's the "colored" neighborhood.

She referred the neighborhood as Mount Ghetto.

Denver's Black community isn't impressed with this revelation, Now they want this business to see an unfortunate end.

The civil rights leaders call upon a boycott. They said the only green Mile High Heating And Cooling will be seeing is the weeds on that abandon building they once called a business.

Fox31 went to visit Andrea and her bosses. They run. The company is owned by 21-year-old Kasey Dykman and his 48-year-old father Kevin Dykman. They refuse comment when confronted. But later released a statement saying that they do not discriminate against their $$$$. They told the local junk food media that Andrea was "fired out the cannon".
Montbell is on the "do not call" list.
Even other businesses are getting swarmed with internet hate. One Mile High Heating And Cooling (with no relation to the controversial business) has expressed outrage. Because of this company, this business was flooded with death threats. They sent the trolls to the actual website.

On that website I see a picture of mostly White faces. Well as much as I hate a solicitor call around 9am through 9pm, I for one am amazed that out of seven local businesses, this one managed to screw all of them (by namesake).

The smell the blood in the water. One company released a press statement to ease tension and keep the death threats off their phone lines.

This is coming from Mile High Heating and Cooling, Inc. Not Mile High Heating & Cooling.

Notice the ampersand (&) and the word inc. (incorporated).

Mile High Heating and Cooling is not the company featured on Fox.

[There are] four Denver area companies with a similar name as ours. We are as outraged
as the rest of the Denver community about the comments that one of those companies
made, that was broadcast on Fox recently. We are absolutely not a discriminatory
company, and are saddened by the mindset of our competitor. If you have any
questions, please call us.

We have long been confused with those other companies because of the
closeness of our incorporated names. However, we will never be confused with them on integrity and embracing diversity.

We focus on heating and air conditioning installations, add-ons or replacements with high efficiency units, new construction, geo thermal solutions, boiler installs and replacement, hydronic heating, snow melt solutions, and we service what we sell with maintenance contracts.

Call Mile High Heating and Cooling, Inc. at 303-859-4212 for the best air conditioning installation or furnace installation in Denver.

The ACLU’s legal director Mark Silverstein watched our hidden camera video. He said race-based discrimination policies are against the law. Silverstein said, “There are local ordinances, there are statutes and there are even federal laws that forbid this kind of discrimination based on race.”

Now the question to the good readers of World News Today, will the agitators have a say in this controversy now that it's picked up full steam?

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