Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Madman Shoots Up Walmart!

Grand Forks police are trying to figure out why an Air Force officer opened fire in a Walmart.

There's a 21-year old U.S. Air Force officer Marcell Willis who went bonkers at a Walmart. He was the shooter in a deadly incident in Northth Dakota. He came into a Grand Forks Walmart and lit it up. He ended up killing one employee, wounding another before he turned the gun on himself. He put the bullet in his head and let it pop.

Willis died and the employee who's name hasn't been released are dead.

World News Today send our condolences to those lost in this senseless tragedy.

According to the law, they have no possible connection between the shooter and the victims.

Tuesday morning, Willis just went into the store and started popping off.

The Air Force and Walmart express sadness and shock at how this tragedy occurred.
Marcell Willis opened fire on employees at a Grand Forks Walmart.
The Blame Game: Who they gonna blame for this shooting?

Of course the rational should always blame the shooter. But to the partisan agitators they'll immediately blame President Barack Obama and those who support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

The conservative agitators will never accuse the Republican state governor, the state legislature or the National Rifle Association as factors. After all, who listens to them?

Who watches them?

Who makes them $$$$?

Any Black criminal is guilty according to conservatives. Forget innocent until proven guilty, the conservatives think that Blacks should be locked up regardless.

Automatically they believe that the shooter was either a Black racist or a radical Muslim.

Wouldn't matter about mental illness or personal grudges. Anytime an event happens and its done by a person of color, the agitators have to pinpoint the race, religion or political affiliations of the criminal.


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