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If You Ask For Justice And You End Up Getting A Bunch Of Excuses....

There's going to be accountability. Baltimore city prosecutor Marilyn Mosby told the junk food media that the six officers will have a day in court. They were charged with homicide, involuntary manslaughter and illegal detainment.

The six officers who apprehended Freddie Gray are being charged with homicide and involuntary manslaughter. They will have a day in court. They are innocent until proven guilty. The junk food media heard the prosecutor Marilyn Mosby deliver the news.

Marilyn Mobsy the city of Baltimore prosecutor has also noted that patience is needed in this. She heard the cries of the city and she promises to deliver fair justice towards those involved.

It is noted that the U.S. Justice Department and Mosby will eventually will issue charges to those caught on camera rioting.

This woman will certainly get her share of death threats from the racist right and supporters of the law enforcement. Obviously the AM agitators will tear into it. The conservatives will say that this is an injustice. The officers didn't do nothing wrong. Conservatives believe that Gray caused his injuries and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered a stand down during the riots. They blame liberal policies, the Democratic Party, President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm, and Black leaders for agitating anti-cop rhetoric. They believe that public schools created criminals and the poverty paradise is a Democratic Party success.
The officers who were filmed are being charged with felonies.
Liberals on the other hand will say that this is what needs to be done. Accountability. They believe that the injuries on Gray were not self-inflicted. Liberals believe that Baltimore has areas where food deserts are overwhelming and corporations aren't willing to invest in impoverish areas.They believe that the media (and even some liberals) are over blowing the riots. The Democratic Party is calling for economic reform and opportunities for the poor. They believe the safety net is necessary to help America struggling when they're unemployed and needy.

In the wake of the other high profile police shootings, I have a feeling that these officers could walk.

No surprise here!

Before I get into the rant, I want to announce a change in the name. While you still can refer this blog as Journal de la Reyna, it has changed to World News Today. 

A new day has dawn. We changed the narrative and we hope you continue to read our blog.

Thanks again to S. Baldwin for allowing me to give our readers an honest take on the latest issues facing our community, the government and the junk food media. 

If you had a thought on the controversy over in Baltimore, what would it be?

If I was a resident of Baltimore and the media wanted to ask me questions about the rioting and the aftermath, I would have told them with no remorse to pick up a god damn trash bag and help us pick up the trash. Quit shoving your microphone in my face. You don't come when you see all the real problems here. All you want to do is make White folks scared and more racist than they are now! 

I know that we all have a passionate view of these issues. For me being a Black man, I do have a strong distrust towards law enforcement. I became a victim of profiling. I had been stopped, arrested and detained without due process.

I don't say all cops are bad. But a handful of them are not good. And these people in law enforcement use their position as an enforcer than a protector. They see things through the color lens. They can't offer any opportunities to the ones who already lost. They can't offer opportunities to those who could be in the lost.

The media is too partisan. It favors Republicans more than usual. The cries of liberal media continue to stick among the unswayed. They can't change their minds. They won't open their minds.

As long as it wasn't them, they care less about Black America. 

The conservatives are not interested in the plight of Black America. That's probably why Republicans are struggling to win votes. Most Blacks view the Republican Party as a MAJORITY WHITE party.
News agitator Leland Vittert tried to ambush Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Rev. Perm during a press release. Loserville and the racist right bitch about Rev. Perm coming to Baltimore. They were bitching earlier about him not coming to the city in the wake of the riots.
We can't figure out whether the Republicans are too extreme or just plain stupid. We can't determine what's in their hearts but surely we can determine that they have no love for their fellow man. The conservative claim they don't judge by the content of color, but yet complain about how Black lives haven't improved under President Barack Obama.

They won't serve gay couples pizza in Indiana. They won't serve communities that are too Black for them. They figured that since they're colored neighborhoods, they ain't got the money so why bother.

They want to prove to the world that "Black mob violence" is on the rise.

They want to say Freddie Gray hurt himself according to an interment riding in paddy wagon. They heard from a source who heard from another source who told another source about it.

They want to say that President Barack Obama hates the cops.

They complain about Rev. Perm not coming to Baltimore in the wake of the first round of riots.

When he does come, they complain about him meddling.

They claim that the mayor of the city advocates for rioting. When she imposes a curfew and order more police to aid in the crisis, they claim it's not enough or she told them to stand down. 

They want to say that the peaceful protesters are miscreants. They want the pictures of rioters (the Black ones) looting liquor and a fresh pair of Nike's. They don't care about the White looters. 

They want to head to the comment sections to vomit all things added with a "racial slur". 

They want to prove that if the Republicans were in charge, these protesters would be in lockup. They claim that the Democratic Party is responsible for the gun violence, rioting, and the reasons to why Blacks are angry. 
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on a bullhorn telling residents to go home. Loserville's Leland Vittart tries to ambush him twice during the curfew.
They believe that "Hands Up Don't Shoot" is a myth.  Even though the Department of Justice said that Michael Brown didn't have his hands up, many others have and they've been shot.

They want to have visual proof of police brutality. 

And when they complain about liberalism or idealism, the conservatives find ways to prove to the world that they're nothing but condescending bigots who refuse to serve based on sexuality, race and political views.

They don't give a flying fuck about the boarded up homes and businesses. They don't give two fucks about the poverty, income inequality, the lack of jobs, and the sense of no hope.

I will write another honest opinion about certain agitators in the media.

I will mention their names. Rush Limbaugh, Colin Flaherty, Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge and Breitbart Media. These agitators are poison to the Republican Party. I will offer an honest opinion in May.

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