Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Huckleberry Hound Runs For President!

Huckabee declared his second run for failure.

The former governor of Arkansas who ran for president is making another run.

He was a host on Loserville, a talk radio agitator and best selling book writer. He's also an ordain Baptist minister and known crackpot.

Perennial candidate Mike Huckabee declared his intentions to run.

Huckabee is a damn clown. At one time, I thought he was a mellow type of Republican. I actually met him in 2007. He was pretty friendly. I met him and his wife at a Florida debate.

Huckabee had Chuck Norris endorse him during the primaries. They were present at the YouTube Republican debate.

I got an opportunity to meet them along with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Mitt Romney, perennial candidates who ran for president.

In Hope, Arkansas, Huckabee declares his intentions. He and former president Bill Clinton grew up in that tiny town off the Interstate 30. Huckabee managed to scare White folks with tales of President Barack Obama siding with the terrorists. The clown wants to put GOD back in the White House.

“I learned the difference between right and wrong. And I learned that God loves me as much as he loves anyone, but that he doesn’t love some more than others,” Huckabee said.

The Republican politician criticized President Barack Obama for – as he sees it – not following through on his speeches about hope and change.

“Eight years later our debt has more than doubled, America’s leadership in the world has completely evaporated and the country is more polarized than ever in my lifetime,” he said.

Huckabee said Americans should get on their knees every night and pray that they live in a country that people are trying to enter rather than escape.

“I’m running for president because I know there is a difference between making a speech and making government accountable to the people who have to pay for it,” he said.

Before taking the stage, Hucksters wife Janet attacked what she sees as an absence of leadership in the United States; she questioned whether the nation is living up to example set by its founders.

“Is there anything that we would die for that our men and women fight today for, every day when they go fight? Do we still have that passion?” she said.
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee announces White House bid
Once again, Mike Huckabee runs for the nomination.
In 2008, Huckabee won the Iowa Caucus putting him in top-tier standings.

Now he's automatically a second-tier so don't think that his second run won't change his standings with the Republicans. His attacks on "Uncle Sugar's libido and Beyonce" will get him some play with the insurgency, but really, he's probably doing this for publicity of his book or Netflix series.

The perennial circus is about to get more interesting. Rick Santorum, Jim Gilmore and Rick Perry are tempted to run again.

About 100 miles away from Hope, Arkansas where Huckabee declared his intentions, Missouri Republicans overrides Democrat governor Jay Nixon's veto that imposed strict restrictions on welfare and food stamps.

I don't understand why Americans vote for the Republican Party. The party has no message.

Sorry, they do!

Stop Obama and stop Clinton. Do whatever it takes to delay the final years of Barack Obama's presidency and prevent Americans from putting Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Scare White folks with talk of Blacks looting the liquor store and beating up the White man nearby.
Conservatives hate the Welfare Queens.
Scare the White folks with talk of Ebola and measles spreading across the United States and it's because of illegal immigrants coming into the country. The illegal immigrants are coming from the border and are going to instantly be Democrats because they are granted amnesty.

Or perhaps tell White folks that Muslims are scary. There's places in the U.S. that practice Sh'ira law and the Islamic State flag is being flown by these radical Muslims. The Mexican government allowed the Islamic State build a terrorist training camp, eight miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Tell the White folks that militant gays and radical atheists are trying to take GOD out of the country.

Tell the White folks that liberals will ban you from drawing Mohammad but allow the slandering of GOD and depicting Jesus Christ as a flaming radical.

Tell the White folks that THE BLACKS are anti-cop, anti-White, having children out of wedlock and willing to vote Democrat despite the party being the real racists.

I am guilty as well as many others. I often vote for the candidate that suits the needs of the people. I voted for Ohio senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Rob Portman (R-OH) in the previous elections. I voted for John Kaisch in the Ohio governor's race.

I felt that despite him being an opportunistic jackass, the state's economy slightly improved and the challenger, Ed Fitzgerald ran a horrible campaign.

This is the party that believes that those in the middle class make over $250,000 in salary.

Republicans don't want to raise the minimum wage because they believe it drives jobs out of business. Giving workers $13 an hour is going to make McDonald's raise their prices on their food.

Republicans want to raise the retirement age to 70 because they believe that you're able to work, then you should work despite your health declining. Why should you be able to enjoy retirement if you're not able to work weekends?

Republicans don't want to grant equal pay to women. They get time off for maternity leave and they get opportunities to do things men can't do. They never seen a woman lift over 100 lbs. Why should they get paid to do nothing while men do the labors?

Republicans believe government workers are seething in riches. So they'll try to eliminate government agencies they claim are feeding the welfare state. Eliminating the IRS, the EPA, Department of Education, TSA and Department of Commerce will save the nation billions. It will put thousands of Americans out of work. So what!

The Republicans hate welfare. They want to eliminate unemployment benefits, pell grants, food stamp assistance and disability claims. They believe there are millions of Americans spending our taxpayer dollars living on government assistance.

When the single mom loses her job and needs assistance, they believe that giving $50 a month is suitable for a mother. Unemployment is not an option for that worker who had gotten paid $60,000 annual salary. They believe unions are sucking dry the corporations.

Honestly the racist right and those who belong to the Republican Party believe that the poor and needy using the safety net are more dangerous than corporations getting tax breaks to ship jobs overseas.

That Black woman with six children driving that Cadillac and eating lobster. And she's not working one job.

According to the racist right, welfare embolden dependency and entitlements.

I wonder if Huckabee has any thoughts to the Republicans and their obsession with destroying the safety net!

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