Friday, May 29, 2015

George Dorktaki Trying To Squeeze Into The Clown Car!

Long shot candidate jumps into the clown car. The Dick Dastardly of Republican politics wants his shot in. 

Former New York governor George Pataki is now another clown in the car. He's declared his intentions today. Conservatives already consider him the Jon Huntsman of the bunch.

Kind of like Dick Dastardly in them Wacky Races. He will try everything to win.

Pataki a three term governor is hoping that his experience as a governor could help him win. Pataki was one of only three Republican governors of New York elected since 1923, the others being Thomas Dewey and Nelson Rockefeller.

This candidate is already mocked by the conservative agitators in the junk food media.

They consider Pataki too liberal for the nomination. He comes from New York, the mecca of cultural clashes. Besides, he's been out of office for over a decade, is he still even viable to run?

CNN reports that the former three-term New York governor, who led the Empire State through the trauma of 9/11, promised to upset predictions he has little chance in one of the deepest GOP presidential fields in years, in a campaign in which he barely registers in polls of the nationwide race or in swing states.
This dork is trying to fit in an already crowded clown car.
Pataki said the current state of the race reminded him of when he mounted a long odds run for governor in New York in 1994 and knocked off Democratic icon Mario Cuomo.

"No one had heard of me ... I was a Republican in deep blue New York," Pataki told CNN in an interview after a small event in the same Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton, New Hampshire, where Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton held a much more high-profile gathering last week.

"It took me months to get a crowd like this, to go anywhere in New York, to think I had a chance. But you work hard, you have the right ideas and over time convince people that you are the person to lead the country," he said. "I have always started at the bottom, I think it is the best way to do it. You appreciate something more when you earn it."

Earlier, Pataki had launched his campaign in the sweltering Old Town Hall in Exeter, New Hampshire, the town where the Republican Party was founded, after releasing a four-minute announcement video which made the case that if the nation is to flourish "we have to fall in love with America again."

At this point, Pataki's campaign looks like a lonely quest: No prominent elected officials or donors have stepped forward to trumpet his bid in a field that many top Republicans tout as one of the most competitive they have ever seen.

Given his lack of support, it is unlikely that Pataki will make the first Republican debate, which will be limited to the top 10 Republican hopefuls. That could stifle any efforts to increase his name identification among next year's voters.

But Pataki isn't likely to run a national campaign, if the pre-announcement build-up is any indication. He has dedicated most of his travel to New Hampshire, the second nominating contest where a tradition of small events and face-to-face campaigning gives him an outside chance to build some momentum.

CNN added that earlier start came from his days as a lawyer by trade.

Pataki rose from being the mayor of the Westchester County hamlet of Peekskill through the New York state legislature. In the fall of 1994, Pataki ousted liberal darling Mario Cuomo to become New York's first Republican governor in two decades.

Pataki shepherded laws through Albany that reduced some tax rates and increased sentences for criminals committing hate crimes. He also governed New York as the state recovered from the 9/11 attacks that occurred a year before voters elected him to a third term.

He declined to run for a fourth term in 2006, and Democratic attorney general Eliot Spitzer succeeded him.

Pataki stoked speculation that he would run in 2008 and in 2012, but this is the year he has chosen to follow through.

Pataki is married to Libby Rowland and has two sons and two daughters.

Another clown in.....Do you think he stands a chance in a field of nuts?

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