Thursday, May 07, 2015

Fox Cancels The Mindy Project!

My Tuesday nights are going to be quite different knowing that one of the programs I've watched for three seasons is being axed.

It was critically acclaimed. It was a cult favorite and yet it was low rated.

Fox decides to put an end The Mindy Project.

Mindy Kaling's comedy was put on the watch for years. Fox's cancellation of the show puts the usual void that fans have to paint in their heads.

What will happen now know!

It left fans wondering what's going to happen now that Mindy and Danny are expecting to be parents. The cliffhanger was Danny introducing himself to Mindy's parents after he failed to see them off.

It managed to pull into syndication so it fulfilled its requirements.

With that being said the many cameos appearances.
Comedy starring Mindy Kaling was cancelled. 
Stephen Colbert, Leverne Cox, Niecey Nash, Rhea Perlman, Shonda Rhimes, Vanessa Williams, and Tim Daly were the guests who appeared on the sitcom.

While it's sad that a critically acclaimed program is put on ice, the fact that makes it so great was the fact that an Indian-American writer, producer, comedian had the opportunity to create it.

Maybe there's a possibility that Fox may sell off the show to Hulu. It's up in the air......!

It's also reported that Cristela is out. ABC canceled the freshman sitcom. Cristela Alanzo created, wrote and directed the sitcom. They folks over at ABC put her sitcom on the dead spot (Friday).

Cristela is the first Latina to create a sitcom for a major American network.

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