Monday, May 11, 2015

First Lady Michelle Obama: To Succeed In Life, Ignore The Haters!

First Lady Michelle Obama address the class of 2015 and tells them that life outside of college could be determined by how you are. She encourages Americans to ignore the noise that creates the sense of distrust.

The racist right will seize on this.

First Lady Michelle Obama delivers commencement speeches at universities and the one at Tuskegee University will certainly have the partisan agitators pissed off.

Cue the conservative outrage.

The first lady told the graduating class about how she and President Barack Obama were treated during the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

They overcame the ongoing partisan (and racist) attacks and continue to show restraint in the face of continuous obstruction. What makes it so good it's singles out some partisan agitators in the media particularly. One being a turd flipper, another being an old fart and the last one being an annoying conservative agitator. Each of these individuals aimed their venom at the First Lady and her husband President Barack Obama.

The racist right can't stand them. No matter what is said by the president, the first lady and Vice President Joe Biden, the agitators and their allies who make up the racist right will seize upon it as an attack on them.
First Lady Michelle Obama aims at these agitators as the noise. She tells a graduating class to ignore them and press forward.
"As potentially the first African-American first lady, I was also the focus of another set of questions and speculations, conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others," she told the class of 2015. "Was I too loud or too emasculating? Or was I too soft? Too much of a mom and not enough of a career woman?"

CNN reports the first lady responds to the outrageous criticism by the New Yorker and that cable news channel that scares White folks (via that annoying conservative agitator).

"Then there was the first time I was on a magazine cover. It was a cartoon drawing of me with a huge afro and a machine gun. Now, yeah, it was satire, but if I'm really being honest, it knocked me back a bit. It made me wonder 'just how are people seeing me?'"

In her nearly 30-minute speech, the first lady recalled other particularly tough moments, including being referred to on that cable news network that scares White folks as her "husband's crony of color" and "Obama's baby mama." She also recalled a moment on the campaign trail when she gave her husband a fist bump to celebrate a primary win, later to be referred to by an anchor on that network as a "terrorist fist jab."

Truth be told, there's been a lot of nasty stuff being thrown at the first Black presidential family.

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