Sunday, May 10, 2015

El Paso Police Puts A Slug In Unarmed Handcuffed Man!

Video footage of an officer putting a slug in an handcuffed suspect.

The Department of Justice and Texas Department of Safety are working on this situation.

A man who was in custody was shot dead by a cop. He walks.

Well the press wanted to know how a man who was handcuffed and in the custody of the law. Yet, the grand jury didn't indict this cop for the death. Wondering if the junk food media will claim that suspect reached for the service weapon despite being handcuffed.

Mediaite has reported on this controversy. Back in 2013, El Paso officer Jose Flores shot and killed Daniel Rodrigo Saenz, who was in police custody after erratic behavior at a supermarket led him to be taken to a nearby medical center, where he is alleged to have assaulted an off-duty police officer and the facility’s staff. Upon being arrested, Saenz continued to lash out physically against officers, and, according to reports, struck his own head against a door with the apparent intent to injure himself.

In an effort to protect this obviously disturbed man from causing himself, or anyone else, any further harm, Flores made the decision to shoot him to death while he was handcuffed.
Daniel Rodrigo Saenz was gunned down in 2013 after a police officer took him as a threat. Saenz was a body builder who was under the influence. The cop claims that the body builder was a threat because of his sheer strength.

In the case, which was also investigated by the El Paso Police Department’s Shooting Review Team and the Texas Rangers, according to the El Paso Times, the totality of the events of the day, including the fact that Saenz had not been stopped by earlier attempts to subdue him with a taser, led them to determined that the shooting was justified. Saenz had demonstrated that he was capable of reversing his handcuffed arms to the front of his body, the police say, which, along with his body-builder strength, made him a serious threat.

In the video you can see that Saenz is clearly resisting the officer’s effort to remove him from the jail, and he reacts violently. Saenz refuses to remain still, even with two men on top of him. At one point as he’s thrown off the prisoner, Flores reaches for his gun, and shoots the man through the shoulder. Which is what killed him. The bullet did. From the police man’s gun.

The city’s attorney’s has argued that the video shouldn’t be released for a number of reasons, including the privacy of the deceased. The Attorney General’s office declined that reasoning, saying the right to privacy transpires upon being dead, which Saenz is now, via being shot by a police officer while handcuffed.

Tragic circumstances that merit a federal investigation into allegations of police brutality.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Daniel Saenz.

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