Sunday, May 03, 2015

Conservative Outrage To Black America Stepping On Ol' Glory!

Standing on the American flag is a form of dissent. It's a right despite the outcry.

One of the things coming from the White extremists is their hatred of Black America expressing their right to express dissent.

"Dirty apes standing on our countries [sic] flag. Can't get enough of them. Need to take their gibbs me welfare sharing ass back to Apefrica. Obamogo and these libtard policies are destroying this country."

Two public institutions Valdosta State University and Wright State University got a fair share of controversy. There were protesters standing on the flag.

Some veterans got pretty damn pissed at this. Some of the counter protesters even threatened violence on those who stand on that flag.

Did you know that some of our American flags are made in China?
There's a woman posing with nude with an American flag. The woman in this picture is the one who got busted for disorderly conduct.
Anyway, this woman Michelle Manhart was put in the paddy wagon after she bum rushed the protesters and took back the flag. Manhart is an Air Force veteran who felt this was disrespect towards the American flag. She was caught on camera being detained for disorderly conduct.

But was it staged by Michelle?

Was she trying to attract click bait by this?

Apparently so.

See the picture above. There's a woman covered with the American flag. Guess who that is?

There was a little history with Manhart. She posed nude for Playboy and was posing with Ol' Glory.

Manhart resisted arrest.
Manhart was detained by Valdosta State University police after stealing a flag from protesters who were stepping on it during a protest on university grounds. Manhart refused to return the flag to the protesters or give it to police, and was detained.

Manhart claimed her actions were done to defend the flag from further desecration and was planning on disposing of it in the proper manner. The university police and protesters declined to press criminal charges against Manhart; however, she was given a criminal trespass warning which effectively bans her from all university activities, including graduation and football games.

Yeah, the racist right is defending her. They believe she was entitled to interrupt a peaceful protest.

Even though I believe it's harsh to step on the American flag, I wouldn't have no problem with someone doing it. I mean isn't dissent a part of patriotism. When should you question authority?

I mean the insurgency questions President Barack Obama every freaking day! But for every hateful comment directed towards him and his family, we all know they have a right to do it. Unfortunately if they're seeking click bait, ratings, and $$$$, we have a right to boycott it.

Michelle Manhart, is a former United States Air Force Military Training Instructor who was based at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, and held the rank of Staff Sergeant. In January 2007 she was relieved of duty and placed under investigation for posing nude in Playboy magazine.

She was subsequently demoted to Senior Airman, a move which caused her to leave the Air Force.

Surprise that they didn't Taser her or put a bullet in her in ass.

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