Saturday, May 23, 2015

Big Snoop: Hillary Got Game!

Smoke one for Hillary.

Straight out of the LBC, Snoop Dogg has already brought his star power to the presidential election.

As he was talking to the junk food media about his album release and his potential role in the N.W.A. bio-pic. He decided to roll one up for Hillary Clinton.

He's not the only rapper to endorse the former Secretary of State.

You got Atlanta's wild man Waka Flocka. I believe he's the first rapper to publicly come out in support of Hillary Clinton.

You got 50 and his old rival Ja Rule endorsing her. These two put aside their differences in 2013.

Conservatives are as usual pissed off that she's getting a fair share of endorsements from "THUGS".

Thug is the new NIGGER for the racist right. They can't fathom being called racist. They believe that if you twist NIGGER to THUG, then its "not racist". It's basically saying these entertainers are criminals or potential criminals. So according to them, it's not really racist.

The conservatives despise the hip-hop community. They believe that the music endorses sexism, violence and anti-cop rhetoric.

Things that make conservative cry hypocrisy towards Hillary Clinton. They believe that she's using her position as a woman to win "feminist" votes. The conservatives believe Blacks are slaves to the Democratic Party. In their mindsets, they believe Blacks are poor, lazy, uneducated and potential criminals. They think that every police shooting of an unarmed suspect is justified. No matter what the situation.
Hip-hop celebs endorse Hillary. 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg and Waka Flocka have came out for her.
And since the Republican Party embraces conservatism, the party suffers a lack of votes because in the minds of Black voters, they're too ideology rigid. They have no place for Black voters.

Yeah, there may be some Black, Hispanic and other races who embrace conservatism and the Republicans, but there considered "tone deaf" or the "crazy uncle" at the family reunion.

We don't call Black Republicans "UNCLE TOMS". We call them that "CRAZY FAMILY MEMBER" who we try not to engage conversation with.

As black-ish explained it: Republicans, we just don't do that!

Damn, Stallmigo Marco Rubio (R-FL) is running too. He's a big fan of hip-hop. He loves Big Snoop, 50 Cent, Lil' Wayne and Wiz Khalifa. But I guess that "R" on his chest keep the rappers away from him.

Hillary Clinton is still not inspiring to me. I don't know why?
Hillary grinding when she was Secretary of State.
I think she's a great candidate for the Democrats. But somehow, whenever they run perennial candidates against a newcomer, I believe the newcomer will always win.

Nonetheless, the obsession with her is too much for me to stomach. We know a majority of Republicans and conservatives hate her and Bill Clinton. All this talk about everyone and anyone associated with her, Benghazi and her emails are distractions. They are not issues about the economy, national security and infrastructure.

The Republican candidates suck so much, they're hoping that they can murky the waters so much they'll make Hillary uninspiring. They know she's the only potential threat to Republicans. If they can bitch and whine so much about her, they'll try to keep Democrats away from the ballot box.

They hate President Barack Obama way more than her. So you know they're going to use him as a weapon like the Democrats used George W. Bush.

Snoop Dogg endorsed perennial loser Ron Paul for president. Then he switched gears and went with a real winner Barack Obama.

This endorsement of Hillary Clinton could benefit her with young voters.

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