Monday, April 06, 2015

Two Florida Teens Got Served Hate Crime Charges After Beat Down!

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd act is the law that was signed by President Barack Obama sometime ago. That law includes stricter punishment if the prosecutor can determine a criminal act upon a victim was out of spite because of their race, sexuality, gender, religion, disabliity and economic standings.

Two young Orlando teens are going to find out that this charge could land them federal time out.

These two are being charged as adults. WFTV has reported that a 14 year old and his 16 year old brother are being held in the Orange County kiddie lock up awaiting charges of felonious assault and criminal battery.
Deandre and Dennis Florence
DeAndre and Dennis Florence got sent to kiddie lock up awaiting state charges that could carry 20 in the iron college.

They could be serving time in the iron college or federal time out if the judge decides to hit them with the gavel.

These two were filmed along with others beating down a 32 year old man. The victim claims that he was given the five finger roll because he was gay.

As you see in the video that the media put out, the person who film this didn't help the victim. He wanted to get some street cred on social networks WorldStar, Vine, Snapchat or YouTube.

But Orlando Police and the Orange County Sheriff are going to revoke that filmmaker's cred.

They want him and everyone in that video brought down for questioning.

Now you know that racial arsonist Colin Flaherty will certainly log this in his daily count of random Black teen mob violence. The fool is obsessed with it.

Our pesky gadfly of all things Black crime, FRED101 will leave us a comment. Assured that he'll put some link from a conservative shithole (i.e. The Throwup Pundit, AngryWhiteBitch, The Daily Nothing, or WhiteFolksComplainAlot).

Some of the people who got a link through the conservative Craigslist will obviously say that these teens could have been Trayvon or even Obama's son.

You know the usual word vomit. Now again, crime is colorless unless the junk food media runs the scary Black mugshots. Obviously it didn't take WFTV long to obtain these images.

These two would normally be blotted out. But due to the severity of these charges, the county lockup went ahead and put their images out on the streets.

Wondering if Charles C. Johnson could insinuate these two knowing Trayvon Martin from a friend of a friend?

Hell, they all look like Trayvon says the racist right!


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