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Rand Paul: I'm "_________" Mad The Junk Food Media Calling Me A ___________!


The conservative Craigslist runs this picture of Planter's Nut, Stallmigo Rand Paul (R-KY). The nut declared his intentions of jumping into the clown car. He's willing to put the makeup on and act like a total buffoon.

The headline says Paul takes the lead in Iowa and the "press" smears him. From what I see he'll have no problem winning the conservative straw polls. But when it comes to Iowa in January 2016, he's got a long road to go.

He and fellow Stallmigo Ted Cruz (R-TX) have openly declared their intention to run in the clown car. The intention will be marred by controversy. For you see, these two are in the news constantly, they're going to be vetted.

Like with Cruz, political operatives will examine them. Cruz already under fire for being born in Canada will face birthers such as Donald Trump. Cruz already pissed off supporters by signing up for Obamacare. He told the junk food media that although he's devoted to repealing the law, he kind of "likes" the healthcare exchanges. 

That's not a gotcha question or set up. It's a part of the daily routine when you're running for president. Everything is under a microscope.

See how President Barack Obama grayed before he reached 60 years old. He's only 53 years old and he's looking like all the stress has gotten to him.

Conservatives continue to say that the president gets favorable coverage. If he's getting favorable coverage why is his job approval still in the 40s?

Most of his political opponents attack him and smear him daily. That annoying conservative agitator attacks him daily. And he has the nerve to say that the president is a "crybaby" when he strikes back.

Notice the media does have this notion to respond to politicians criticizing their coverage of them.

This link from the conservative Craigslist takes you to Yahoo and The Politico's article about perennial candidate Hillary Clinton announcing her bid to run for the clown car.

The "oh so trusting" Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll says that her lead is shrinking to Paul. The poll claims that she is tied with the two active clowns and future potentials in Colorado. Leading barely in Virginia and Iowa against Paul.

Again, polls do not matter. Because if the polls mattered, you would have Democrats winning seats in Kentucky, Iowa, North Carolina, Louisiana, Colorado, and Georgia. The polls told the tale of Democrats winning them seats only to be crushed by incumbents and the insurgents.

But in the headline the conservative Craigslist says "Smears". What do you mean smears?

You see the picture on the conservative Craigslist. Its a subliminal shot at the Kentucky politico.

Why couldn't the website use a better picture?

Isn't the website smearing Paul?

If the junk food media is really looking for the smears, how about asking him what has he done in Washington since he took office in 2011?

There a bridge over the Ohio River in Cincinnati and Covington, KY needing some serious repair. 

Has he ever sponsored legislation that helped Kentucky?

Has he ever done anything that benefits the middle class?

You mean the controversy surrounding him getting upset with female anchors.

Oh, that interaction with The Today Show agitator Savannah Guthrie. Paul caught some flack after he got a little testy with Guthrie after she confronted him on his flips, flops, flailing and bullshitting.

You mean the other interaction with a CNBC anchor in which he told her to hush and gave her the finger.

Could it be his affiliations with Jack Hunter?

Hunter was the YouTube commentator who went by the name of The Southern Avenger. The Southern Avenger helped co-write Paul's book and wrote some not so friendly commentary about Blacks and immigrants.

Or even his days helping his father publish the infamous Ron Paul Newsletters.

Paul's testy exchange has gotten the Washington Post writing a story about his stance on women.

Paul was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer wanted to know why the media is calling him a "chauvinist?"

Paul weighed in on negative attention he's received over his recent interviews, including one from earlier Wednesday. He admits he has been universally "short tempered" when it comes to hostile interviewers.

Paul forcefully accused NBC's Savannah Guthrie of editorializing when she questioned him about apparent changes in his positions over the years.

The reaction prompted a wave of criticism from Democrats, who pointed to another interview Paul did earlier this year in which he shushed a female interviewer.

Paul admitted that he could handle himself better but said he doesn't just get testy with female reporters.

"I think I should have some more patience, but I think I'm pretty equal opportunity," Paul said on CNN, adding that he was annoyed with a male reporter earlier in the day. "I will have to get better at holding my tongue and holding my temper."

Paul said he's "been universally short tempered and testy" with reporters of both genders and argued that "it's hard to have a true interaction" with journalists when he's being interviewed remotely by camera, rather than in person. "Particularly if it's a hostile interviewer."

I mean if Paul had a good game, he wouldn't be scrutinized for being inexperienced, a man with his head in the clouds (or up his ass), bombastic, testy, ignorant and pathetic (just like his daddy).

I am allowing the trolls to soapbox on Journal de la Reyna. They will attack us. The best advice when dealing with Paulturds is basically ignore them. Delete the comments and move on.

Since this is a relatively Black blog that talks about politics and issues in the Black community, expect these Paulturds to make references to civil rights and why Blacks should support Paul.

If you ask me about him, Rand Paul should be the CEO of Planter's. Because he's certainly a nut!


Oh, yeah, the conservative Craigslist is doing a victory lap. The conservative agitator Matt Drudge post the link saying people spend 30 minutes reading his website.

Republicans place their information on shoddy sources such as this website and two bombastic agitators who have a history of controversial rhetoric.

Paul and Cruz and any other potential Republican running are already making serious mistakes. They go to outlets such as this website, that old fart and that annoying conservative agitator. I hate to say their names but I will in this case of commentary.

Republican candidates running for president should avoid Rush Limbaugh, The Drudge Report and Sean Hannity. 

You should never believe everything that comes off the radio, the internet and television. But these Republicans do. And despite being told continuously they're wrong, they complain that the fact checkers are liberal. The continue to say the media is out to get them, and political correctness only applies to them and not the Democrats, Obama and liberals.

Republicans know that people aren't voting on what they've click on. They vote on who cares more about the needs of the country and not the needs of party, political views and principle.

Rush Limbaugh, The Drudge Report and Sean Hannity are the reasons why John McCain and perennial loser Mitt Romney failed in their quest for the White House.

Those three name calling, name dropping, tampons are bigger bitches than John Boehner.

Yeah, I am calling them names too. I am not running for politics and I am a nobody. So if you want to criticize me for calling them names, go to town.

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