Saturday, April 04, 2015

Peace Deal!

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Switzerland. The U,S, and global powers are working out a deal with Iran to ease sanctions. Conservatives are pissed over this.

The six world powers may have a miracle in the wings. Let's not go crazy, though. The United States and five global countries have worked out a deal to keep the Islamic Republic of Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

I am expected that the junk food media agitators, the Republican Party, some spineless Democrats and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will try their best to undermine this.

The war hawk Israeli leader is a thorn in the peace process. Many world leaders hate Netanyahu. Over here in the United States, many lawmakers and media agitators unzip their pants and let him plow in their asses.

The path to peace relies on negotiations. Iran is willing to settle their feud with the United States.

A bold move for the president, Many here were skeptical of this dela.

President Barack Obama spoke Thursday at the Rose Garden telling the junk food media about the legacies of past presidents and the deal that was proposed.

Under this deal, Iran will scrap the nuclear program and keep the low grade for safe use. The world powers will eventually lift economic sanctions and travel bans in exchange. Iran will allow UN inspectors check their facilities and will be offered alternatives to energy consumption.

I believe its a great idea. Some don't. That's why the president will spent time trying to convince the American people the deal.

As always I focus on that guy. Yeah, I hate mentioning him. But today I will.

Sean Hannity is by far the country's most annoying conservative agitator. He is one of the reasons why Barack Obama won his election, twice. This guy is a certified name dropping, name calling, fear mongering, ass kissing Republican who makes a living off of bitching about everything that he believes is wrong in America.

He has a right to be who he is. But seriously, the act is getting old and people are tuning him out.

He's so bad at what does, he doesn't realize that the cannon is ready to be fired. The chief, Roger Ailes sees that his show is pathetic. That's why he bumped him to the 10pm slot. The show is nothing but a waste of space in a timeslot normally reserved for second stringers.

I mean Rush Limbaugh is an old fart. His legacy will be marred by controversy. He's proud of that. He will die a happy man knowing he's pissed off people. Unlike Hannity, Limbaugh is tolerated.
The most annoying conservative agitator embraces the Israeli prime minster. The chickenshit Benjamin Netanyahu and Republicans do not like the deal proposed by President Barack Obama and the five world powers.
Hannity is not. Hannity is the worst. He can't even get it through his head that most of the things being done would have been done by George W. Bush. Don't you think Bush would be eager to talk to Iran? I mean obviously, most presidents would like to establish dialogue with countries (even if they're not supportive of the U.S.).

What's worse, the most annoying conservative agitator went into a tirade with White extremist Pat Buchanan a few days ago.

Usually these two often agree on issues. But today, Buchanan had to stray away from the usual talking points.

Hannity and most of the conservative agitators believe a deal with Iran is like Neville Chamberlain giving Adolf Hitler his way.

That's probably the worst analogy ever to exist. We live in the United States  and they have the right to criticize. No one is denying them the right to push out idiotic opinions,

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