Monday, April 27, 2015

Ohio Man Charged At The Law! Still Alive Despite Being A Danger To Cops!

Police: Drunk teen tried to head-butt, bite officers photo
This man charged at a police officer and yet didn't get shot or physically restrained.

This guy charged at a police officer like a football player and yet he didn't get shot and killed.

Dayton, Ohio man is in the county lock up for felonious assault on a police officer. Minus the underage drinking charge, the suspect Steven Line, got some time out in the county lockup after he attempted to headbutt and bite at Dayton police officers.

The 19-year old man was apparently in his underwear and in the back of a home. He was completely knocked out. When officers tried to revive him, he gets violent.

See if the guy was probably Black or Hispanic, the law would probably have used the Taser or the service weapon to put him down.

This guy is going to face a judge on Monday.

At least he'll have drug and alcohol treatment and probably probation for the charging at an officer.

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