Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Feidin Santana: I Didn't Want The Media To Smear Walter Scott's Name!

Obviously he didn't think he would put a corrupt cop in the county lockup. Feidin Santana got his camera phone out and filmed a North Charleston police officer open fire on an unarmed suspect. The officer could get LIFE or the GAS if the state charges of murder stick.

He didn't want the media to drag Walter Scott's name in the mud like they've done to Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. The racist right would have certainly took Scott's name and turn it into a political football. The racist right would advocate President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm, Attorney General Eric Holder (and eventual replacement Loretta Lynch), NAACP, and the so-called liberal media as enablers of racial unrest.

Feiden Santana would have ignored the commotion. He knew that all the noise that morning had to be something worth filming. He whipped out his camera phone and recorded former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager engage in contact with Walter.

His video would film Walter escaping a taser shot at him. He would see Slager draw his service weapon. Slager would empty that service weapon and down goes Walter.

This video become national news after Feiden took it to the New York Times.

If he would have taken it to the cops, he probably would have been arrested. They would say that he was impeding on an arresting officer. They would destroy the video or alter the video. They would release to the public segments of it. The junk food media agitators (i.e. the folks of Loserville) will run loops of the video to make the cop look like the good guy.

The racist right websites would find some "evidence" of criminal behavior from the unarmed suspect.

Maybe they would have found Walter smoking a blunt. Walter giving the bird on camera. Maybe he was holding a firearm in his basement. They would have made it all about the Walter and not Slager.

Feiden feared the police retaliation. Most Black folks fear that filming police could get them arrested.

If there weren't people so frustrated with the police in the wake of high profile shootings such as the Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, John Crawford and Akai Gurley controversies, you wouldn't see camera phones being used.

And to make this clear, you are allowed to film police. They may try to "justify" an arrest by saying you're impeding on an arresting officer or disorderly conduct. You can lawyer up and tell the judge that you had a right to film public servants while on duty.


"I remember the police had control of the situation," Santana said during the interview (above). "You can hear the sound of a Taser... I believe [Scott] was just trying to get away from the Taser."

Slager was reporting that he had to empty the service weapon after Walter tried to take his taser. According to the police report, he said that Walter was the aggressor. The North Charleston police were going to run with the officer's side of the story.

Feiden was also filming the corrupt officer dropping evidence on a dead body.

Kind of odd, that an officer would drop evidence on the suspect if the report says that he reached for a service unit of the arresting officer!

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