Monday, April 27, 2015

Could Wilberforce And Central State Be In Danger Of Closing?

Located in Xenia Township, Ohio in the census designated town of Wilberforce is two historically Black universities are on the verge of fiscal and educational disaster.

Central State University is facing fiscal programs.

Wilberforce University established in 1856 is facing not only fiscal programs but the loss of educational accreditation.

Students and facility are pretty damn pissed about the conditions of the institution. They wanted to protest the ungodly conditions and call for the cannon to fire. In that cannon, comes the president, and head student facilities manager. Students want them fired out the cannon.

The student enrollment has dropped over 15% from the last decade and it seems like nothing is changing.

Wilberforce University is trying to plug the leaks. Because if the Ohio Department of Education repeals the school's academic standings, it's toast. It will be doomed and it will likely close.

Algeania Freeman is hoping that Wilberforce will keep its glory intact despite calls for her to bounce.

The two previous presidents were disastrous. Floyd Flake and Patricia Hardaway didn't give two about the college. They spent money on their friends and allowed the university to fall apart.

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Central State University is about 1/4 mile down the road. It became a college in the 1887 and has a top ranked NCAA-II football team and famous marching band.

Both that could all be wiped away when the budget comes out.

The Ohio Board of Regents and State Auditor put CSU on fiscal watch. It's in danger of being taken over by the state. It has 90 days to get its act in order.
Central State University is located in Wilberforce, Ohio about 35 miles from Dayton.
CSU president Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond is dismissing the possibility and is working on trying to keep the university above the water.

In a press release statement:

“Central State University is aggressively working to improve the University’s financial balance as we recruit and retain more college-ready Ohio students. Over the past two years (FY 2013 & FY 2014), independent, external audits have confirmed sound accounting practices. Those audits contained “no qualifications,” which indicate that this institution is fiscally sound and implements quality standards of its fiscal operations. The major contributor to the decrease in Central State’s Senate Bill 6 composite score is the decline in student enrollment, which is evident at many colleges across the nation. Although the University receives on average 5,500 applications a year, many of these high potential students are plagued by their limited ability to meet the parental/family contributions required by the Federal Pell Grant Program Changes to the Federal Pell Grant Program and also the Parent Plus Loan have negatively impacted college affordability for first-generation college students. Tuition and fees represent 46 percent of the University’s revenue streams annually; thus, there is a direct correlation between student enrollment and retention and university revenue.”

CSU has seen a decrease larger than Wilberforce. It had a drop 30% in registered students.

Both are Black historical colleges. Wilberforce University is oldest institution in country.

Wilberforce University is a private, coed, liberal arts historically black university (HBCU) located in Wilberforce, Ohio. Affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, it was the first college to be owned and operated by African Americans. It participates in the United Negro College Fund. It's a private university.

Central State University, commonly referred to as CSU, is a historically black university (HBCU) located in Wilberforce, Ohio, United States. Central State University is a member-school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. It's a public university.

Established by the state legislature in 1887 as a two-year program for normal (teacher) and industrial training, it was originally located with Wilberforce University, a four-year institution devoted to classical academic education. In 1941 the college gained a four-year curriculum, independent status in 1947, and was renamed as Central State College in 1951. With further development, it gained university status in 1965. In 2014, Central State University received designation as an 1890 Land-Grant Institution.


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