Thursday, April 02, 2015

Conservative Outrage Over Trevor Noah!

The right complains about Comedy Central's Trevor Noah. He was chosen to be the new host of The Daily Show. Jon Stewart is leaving the show after 16 years hosting it.

Moments after Comedy Central announced Trevor Noah as the new host of The Daily Show, many on the racist right and the irrational left are calling the comedian/actor an anti-Semite and racist.

For what reason?

Because he tweets some jokes that some agitators never got. The agitators zeroed in on jokes that were posted to Noah's 2 million followers on Twitter. Some pointed out a few offensive jokes about women, Israel and  the Jews. Some criticized his stance on America.

Comedy Central is standing by Noah.

I mean the social media is catnip to agitators and the business community. Many people are often scrutinized for their online behavior. It's unfortunate that the social media can make or break someone.

Noah is a South African comedian who joined The Daily Show late last year. He was the international correspondent. Many conservatives zeroed in on his routine when he discussed the "Spot The Africa".  They claim that the joke was comparing the U.S. to the South African apartheid.

Noah, remarked the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" meme that conservatives are roundly denouncing.

When he was chosen as the new host, the media started to vet him.

Soon the agitators from Newsbusters, The Daily Nothing, and the conservative Craigslist have put his face on their pages. Of course, their readers and followers have often remarked about it in the "nicest" way.

The word vomit from conservatives is predictable. Insert a racial slur, a racial stereotype, claim liberal this, Obama that. Add a ton of condescending remarks about comedians and Hollywood. Throw in mentions of Africa, Muslims, Netanyahu and the Islamic State and sure enough, we a party going on right there in the comment section.

Noah will do fine. Fuck the haters.

If they don't understand the comedy, that's their problem. But if you're a comedian who talks about issues and spin it into comedy, you're going to be provocative and it's going to be truthful.

I mean if you criticize Israel, should you be labeled an anti-Semite for it?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the brevity of your post and honing in on the hypocrisy of the outraged white people.
I hope you would not mind that I have quite a lengthy response on my cell phone.
I am South African. I am also called Coloured like Trevor Noah, who also identifies as Black. I am a huge fan . I had intuited as soon as I saw his first act that he would go places.
I think the green-eyed monsters also know he is a genius. Whilst the twitter jokes might not have landed, one would have to ask why would anyone want to go through all the trouble to unearth old tweets in the first place. Trevor Noah, to be sure was not hired on the merit of his tweets, but on a range of qualities, including his clever take on things.

Methinks, the hurt and offended are offended that a Black man dare make fun of a white woman. From the range of the terminally offended, I would go so far as to say you should not say one word about Jewish people.Trevor, how could you?
We know all know this is a pre-emptive strike to sink his career in America. That Trevor Noah even made it in a number of Israeli newspapers, is very telling of who his critics are. These humourless armchair hecklers taking umbrage at mind you jokes that are not anti-Semitic. Are the media moguls in America Aboriginal or Irish or what? Imagine if he did tweet that Jewish females GIVE oral sex!
My only deduction is that the white hecklers, Jewish or not, are extremely upset that the position of the host of the Daily Show was not given to a white person. I am pretty certain that the same.people are outraged that they can't use the n- word.

The state of Israel' s policy against the Palestinians, is very reminiscent of apartheid under which Trevor and his family and MILLIONS of Black people suffered and are still suffering. I think I would take his comedic insight about Israel any day. A peaceful Israel- what an oxymoron.

Are any of these twits outraged by Ferguson, by the prison industrial complex, police brutality against Black people, miseducation of Black people,,redlining. gaslighting, blockbusting,inordinate amount of money spent on the military to kill unarmed civilians in foreign countries, nuclear stockpiling, racial profiling? No, making a joke about pure,innocent white women is a monumental offense.

I am pretty certain had any Black comedian landed the job of host on the Daily Show, they would have also have spun a campaign to get that host fired.

Cape Town

The Blue Light Buzz said...

Thank you for reading. We hope that you can visit our page again.

S Baldwin said...

Welcome, Taotesan, to the Journal de la Reyna!

Excellent post. The hypocrisy of American media and society is off the charts! Mr. Noah deserves to be the host of comedy. Many white Christian and Jewish comedians say far worse things about women, the disabled, People of Color than Mr. Noah.

I'm sick and tired of the racist double standards. It's off the chain since President Obama. If they couldn't attack him directly, they attack Black people, Black celebrities, etc.



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