Wednesday, April 29, 2015

City Leaders: Fox News Has No Place In Baltimore!

The network that scares White folks with stories of Blacks looting liquor stores got put in its place by a Baltimore city council member.

I got to give it up to the Baltimore city leaders and mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. They handled this crisis extremely well despite the arm chair warriors bitching about the outcome.

The junk food media is obsessed with this.

When White people are looting or rioting it's considered a "finding food", "revelry" or "unrest". 

When Black people are looting, it's considered a "criminal act", "(thug) motivation", and "failed (Democratic) liberal policies".

Of course, when White folks are outraged over sporting events and emotional events such as the controversy over a bunch of students standing on American flags, that's protesting.

Hence forth "BlackLivesMatter" and "IfTheyGunnedMeDown". An interesting and yes controversial acknowledgement of bias in the media. 

One city leader finally got it in while the cameras were rolling. 

Nick Mobsy is the hero of the day. He finally let it be know that it's just not here in Baltimore. He brought up the University of Kentucky Wildcat's upset in the Final Four of the NCAA-1 Basketball tournaments. No outrage or racial epithets. No junk food media or partisan agitators debating over who's fault it was when the students tore Lexington, KY up.

Matter of fact, what about Ohio State University?

When the Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Football Championship, the students and fans tore up Columbus, OH. All you heard in the media, Ohio State fans "celebrate" a year where most felt they were doomed from the start. No mentions of the damage to property after winning the title.

See the city leaders and Black community is getting fed up with the media's narrative.

The narrative is the shiny coin theory.

They want to focus on the rioting and look for the $$$$ shots.

That woman who smacked her son after he was throwing rocks at the cops.

The man who destroyed a fire hose while firefighters were trying to put out an arson.

The comments of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake saying "she allowed rioting".

This type of nonsense is click bait for them racist assholes online trolling for something to bitch about.

Nick was being interviewed by Loserville reporter Leland Vittert. He was trying his damn hardest to convince the council member from West End to admit that Rawlings-Blake failed to engage law enforcement to stop rioting.

Nick keep his head up and let it be known that it's a systematic problem that's built up for years. 

It's not because of a politics. No it's the despair of economic sorrow and a feeling of no future. The police have failed them and the politicians in Washington, DC have no interest in helping solve these controversies.

President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson have talked, rallied and begged for the Black community to get its act together.

The agitators continue to attack them. Regardless. If they showed up and offer remarks, they complain. If they didn't show up or offer remarks, they complain.

Nothing is right.

President Barack Obama has the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative and it seems to be ignored by this network and the rest of the carnival barkers.

And even though, it's proven that the president's policies worked, it's not enough to solve the ongoing crisis we all face in America.

Okay here's my rant on this narrative of Black America having no hope.

It's not going to be an easy win for either contender running in the clown car. No matter who runs, they're going to be uninspiring. With all the partisan attacks from both parties on President Barack Obama, I finally figured that these politicians are doomed to repeating the mistakes.

It's feels good to talk shit while you're not in the White House. But once you get in, it's a 24/7 business. You can't escape the problems that happen here or abroad.

The junk food media follows you like a puppy. They will leave a mess whenever they come by.

They find interest in two things: ratings and click bait. They care less about the situation.

The insurgency was born on the fuel of racism, misconception, ignorance and heresy.

The three nitwits who are running for president are extremely stupid. They may think they're not, but seriously these guys are not prepared for the task.

In the wake of the riots, one senator managed to throw his two cents into an event. Didn't happen to think when he wrote his press statement, people wouldn't take notice.

When Stallmigo Rand Paul (R-KY) gave his thoughts on the riots he blamed not only the parents but Obama and the lack of morals. Not even concerned about the issues he claims Black America faces.

He's suppose to be a big supporter of reducing drug sentencing laws and criminal sentencing reform.

He is about giving Blacks an opportunity to understand what "freedom" means. This clown has no purpose other than being an agitator.

So when you decide on giving Paul a chance, look closely at his eyes. He's got snake eyes and a forked tongue. He'll strike you when you're too close.

Stallmigos Ted Cruz (R-TX) doesn't give two fucks about the Black community.

Stallmigo Marco Rubio (R-FL) acts like he's your best friend but will turn chicken at the first sign of blood.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) doesn't get it too. He doesn't understand of Black America. He lives in 97% White Vermont. The state has little crime but it's progressive paradise.

Hillary Clinton doesn't understand either. Because her opportunistic run for president, Black America is not inspired to vote for her or the potential Democratic challenger Martin O'Malley.

This is fucked up. And it's been fucked up way before Obama. So don't play that it's Obama's fault for Black America's woes. This shit been going on since the day Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

We been in the back for years. We continue to be in the back.

I don't take pride in being profiled by police.

I don't like being fired from a job and the White worker is spared.

I don't like being hurt by White women when I date or fall in love with them.

I don't like institutional or educational racism in America.

I don't like White extremists trolling in the comments section.

But what I am suppose to do? Complain online and this blog!

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