Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Police, DOJ And Homeland Security Worried About Possible Extremist Attacks!

Baltimore Police are watching for extremist activity.

The domestic terrorist groups The Bloods, The Crips and the Black Guerrilla Family formed an uneasy alliance. This alliance is calling for domestic attacks on law enforcement in the wake of Freddie Gray's death and the results from the six other high profile shootings in the past years.

These domestic terrorist groups are notorious street gangs.

The United States Justice Department and Homeland Security rank these organizations as criminal gangs that advocate drug and human trafficking. These groups recruit young men and women to commit violent acts upon individuals.

BGF is notorious street gang.
Baltimore Police already facing heavy fire for the death of Freddie Gray are now on high alert.

There's a credible threats that these groups are willing to die if they're able to "take out" law enforcement.

The FBI and local law enforcement are looking into this.

The BGF has made some news back in the hey day. A scandal in the Baltimore City Lockup got the news buzzing about a drug lord and his harem. He managed to control the BGF from the iron college.

The Big Player in the Iron College, Tavon White got through a few years of good behavior.

Unfortunately, it was not a good reason for it. Some members of the state prison where he was a resident got involved in the game. White bribed male guards and wooed female guards with luxury while he was facing time. He managed to get some of them knocked up.

Everyone that latched on White were fired and given either time in the iron college, probation or a reprieve. The reprieve meaning that they're forever banned from law enforcement and they will be watched by the law everywhere they travel.

The uneasy truce with rivals. These domestic terrorists threatened to "take out" cops.
White got 12 years in federal time out plus the 20 years of state charges. It runs the same so in terms of sentence 35 years overall.

Now he's in the federal time out for that event. And I am guessing he's watching his back as well. He snitched on the BGF. In exchange for describing the gang's operations and naming the officers involved, White will serve his 12-year sentence concurrently with the 20-year attempted murder rap he was already in for, meaning he won't do any additional time. He'll likely be transferred to a detention facility that he didn't previously control from inside.

The Department of Homeland Security not only monitors threats from international terrorism, but criminal activities from White extremists, lone wolf extremism, drug traffickers, pimps, street gangs, and cyber hackers.

All these threats are domestic terrorism in my book.
Domestic terrorists are often willing to die for their beliefs.
Today they had to bury Freddie Gray. The uproar started when a person filmed Baltimore police drag Freddie by the knees after an arrest. The law doesn't know what happened, but Freddie had a spinal injury that put him in the wooden box.

The city's mayor Stephanie Rowlings-Blake and police commissioner Anthony Batts both express patience and urge residents to avoid criminal activity.

After Saturday's fiasco, the AM agitators are already claiming that it's rampant riots and looting in Baltimore. That's not the case. It was a riot around Camden Yards.

If it was widespread riots in Baltimore, the Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan would have ordered the National Guard to aid the police in order. That didn't happen. A few fist flew, a handful businesses were damaged and the media had cameras in tow.

Nothing but an isolated incident blown out of proportion by the junk food media and conservative agitators. All are guilty of inspiring these domestic terrorists to threaten police.

The conservative Craigslist and Loserville are free to express their condescending rhetoric. No one is stopping them from that. But what they're doing is no different than the individuals who rioted.

No different than the street gangs.

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