Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aw, Mom! Why You Stop Me?

Baltimore resident smacks up a rioter. The rioter is the resident's son.

The junk food media is covering (or I mean overblowing) the riots in Baltimore, MD.

There is a video of a woman (revealed as Toya Graham) laying the smack down on a rioter. It turns out that it was her son. She is getting national attention for her bold actions in the face of danger.

Matter of fact, she's getting praise from the racist right as being a "insert racial slur" taking care of her "insert racial slur".

The white extremists and the agitators on the AM dial are having a field day with this.

The words of mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are being taken out of context. Her statement to allow "space to destroy" for rioters gotten the conservative outrage and media attention.

President Barack Obama speaks on it and as usual the conservative outrage.

Tonight there's a curfew for the entire city (not county).

Larry Hogan, Maryland's Republican governor, police commissioner Anthony Batts and Rowlings-Blake are pointing fingers at each other and also condemning the rioters. They also aimed at the media for sensationalizing an isolated incident.

As I told my father, that every time there's a riot in an urban neighborhood, the junk food media seems to grab their cameras and the agitators seem to play their "cards" right.
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake slams critics over the handling of the rioting in Baltimore.
Everything that is anything for the agitators.

Never a mention of the White people rioting after seeing a local sports team lose or win a game.

Never a mention of the White people rioting when there's an event in America.

You don't see many Black journalists on the scene. They are there but they're not getting all the attention as that Black man stealing liquor and Nike's.

That stuff doesn't suit the narrative of the racist right. If it's not Black, illegal immigrant, Muslim, scary, young, male and Obama, they would have nothing to talk about.

Last week before all this blew up, the AM agitators were screaming about "radical Islam".

What's the next bone they're going to chew on?

S. Baldwin and I have done this stuff for years. It seems like a pattern. The liberals and conservative agitators only see $$$$ whenever it comes to controversial issues.

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