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And We Be Like, Blah, Blah, Blah....

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Robert Bates, the former reserve deputy's mug. He was release from county lockup this week. He is facing an involuntary manslaughter charge after he put a bullet in Eric Harris of Tulsa. 

So if I wanted to just do a blog that focused on one thing, wouldn't it be a big bore?

There was a story that made the news. A Florida man who flew his helicopter through Washington, D.C. The area around the White House and U.S. Capitol is restricted airspace. The pilot landed on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol in spite of being in restricted airspace. The man who flew this gyrocopter was a Florida mail carrier pissed over Congress not passing campaign finance reform. He could have been shot by the U.S. Air Force fighter jets. His machine didn't register on the radar and he had no radio contact with air traffic controllers. The man Doug Hughes, 61 told the Tampa Bay Times and U.S. Secret Service that he's attempting to do this. The U.S. Secret Service already under fire for some of its misdeeds have some explaining to do. Hughes was taken into custody and is facing charges that can net him 10 in federal time out.

Another man who committed suicide on grounds of the U.S. Capitol. Robert Bishop, 47 of Annapolis was snapping a picture of himself (selfie) before he pulled the pistol out. He was pissed that Congress failed to pass legislation that could tax the rich and powerful.

A reserve deputy from Tulsa who killed an unarmed suspect didn't get proper training. Robert Bates, 73 grabbed the firearm instead of the Taser and killed Eric Harris, 44. Harris was on camera trying to sell guns and drugs. When he realized that it was a sting operation, he bolted. He was chased and caught. On body cameras, the Tulsa police brought him down. In the few seconds of the video, he was shot in the back by Bates. Bates was confused on which item to use. Harris died. Bates is facing second degree manslaughter and was removed from the force. Many say that he bought his way into the force. He lacked proper training despite being a former cop. He is an insurance salesman and business leader.
Laquan McDonald was killed by Chicago police. They will not release the body camera or dash camera.
The Michigan cop who gave Floyd Dent a beat down is fired out the cannon. The Michigan state investigators and the U.S. Justice Department is looking into how Inkster Police allow their cops beat down an unarmed motorist. The motorist Dent 57, was pulled over and as soon as he stopped, the officers put him on the ground and gave him a nasty beat down. The officer at the center of this was a cop who beat a federal charge of impeding civil rights. The officer William Melendez (aka ROBOCOP) was fired out the cannon. According to the Wayne County District Judge, about 12 minutes of footage was not shown in this. A part of the video shows Melendez may have planted cocaine in the passenger seat of Dent. Dent is facing charges for possession. He has the other charges dropped. The city of Inkster had to let Melendez go after they looked at his previous encounters with motorist and various complaints such as evidence planting came forth. No word on charges being filed on Robocop.

Michael Slager is spared the GAS. But now the former North Charleston cop is facing LIFE in the iron college. He was the officer who was filmed by a witness in a fatal shooting of an unarmed motorist. He shot Walter Scott with the Taser after he bolted from his vehicle. After Scott escaped the Taser, Slager put eight in his back. Then he lied on his statements saying that Scott attacked him. Slager even planted the Taser next to the lifeless body of Scott. This incident occurred during a traffic stop in which Scott fled his vehicle.

Slager has another issue going on. Another man claims that Slager put a Taser on him after he refused to exit his vehicle in a traffic stop. Julius Wilson admits he was an ex-felon, but the pull over wasn't merit. The officer who pulled Wilson over was Bradley Woods. The officer asked him the questions about the area being high crime and the pull over was based on a faulty tail light. Wilson refused search of his vehicle and that's when Woods, Slager and another officer dragged him out of the vehicle. Slager put the Taser on Wilson. The incident was filmed and other residents are coming forth to complain about Slager's excessive force.
Rock crushes scissors. An underage drinker gets off with a warning. Texas Department of Safety is going to investigate three officers who allow her to walk.
Then the Texas Department of Safety looking into three officers who refused to arrest an underage Texas A&M University student caught drinking. The student played "Rock, Paper, and Scissors" with one of the officer and two others observed. They let her go. The county sheriff is about to load the cannon and fire them out because it was caught on camera and their conduct was unbecoming of an arresting officer.

Did you happen to see the video of a Chicago police officer putting 16 in the body of Laquon McDonald? The Chicago police aren't releasing it. Apparently its going to sway a grand jury.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Laquon McDonald.

See in October 2014, an officer claimed that McDonald was armed with a knife. The officer said to drop it and according to him, McDonald refused. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is trying to keep the video in the vault. He thinks that it could cause riots. So I am guessing that the officer may have lied about McDonald having a weapon and the officer fired on him without regards. The officer and his superiors are trying to cover up. They paid the family over $5 million in damages.
Floyd Dent got a serious beat down by Inkster Police. The officers are under federal investigation and Inkster had to fire a corrupt cop out the cannon.
And what about the Arizona officer who drove his police cruiser up on a suspect and made him flip.

A Marana, Arizona police officer's dash camera shows him plowing his cruiser into a rifle-toting robbery suspect at high speed. The officer has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing. Mario Valencia is suing the department.

Michael Rapiejko got off felonious assault charge. But the officer had been in trouble before. He was a NYPD officer. He got into a situation with a man and his family. Rapiejko was the officer who pulled over the motorist in Manhattan. The lawsuit that was filed by the motorist stated that the officer pulled him out his vehicle and pointed a gun in his head in front of the family. Also that officer was threatening his life after he was let go.

So should I inject race into these stories? I mean the rest of the junk food media brought it up!

Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan had a hook to his song, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Today, I am going to use it. When the critics are word vomiting insults and baseless arguments, we're going be like Blah, Blah, Blah.
Doug Hughes was the pilot who landed on the U.S. Capitol.
Today we introduce you to another critic who throws his vomit on the keyboard and we have to look at it. But like always, I come back with the hard hitting response. I hope the commentator visits our page again.

The commentator goes right into the click bait. The click bait is often something the commentator obsesses over.

Take the comments of this person here. I shrink it down so you might have to get a magnifying glass to read it.

You are an idiot!!!!! Why does everyone bring race into everything. I guarantee they didn't go arrest the "black" guy walking through. One can only assume that you yourself are either black or "not white." Get over yourself. Race this and race that. Why can't it be that the cops were being cool and decided to give the girl a break like they did many others that day. The article says that on 113 citations were you know how many people attend Chilifest? 35,000. I promise you she wasn't the only one to get a warning. She was the only one that was recorded. We you get to the gates of heaven, God is going to look at you, shake his damn head and say "I'm sorry. If you wouldn't have brought race up in every thing you do then you might be walking through these gates. It's people like you that won't let racism die because that's all you people think about. White this and Black that."

Okay, thanks for reading. And yes, I'm an idiot. I am an idiot for giving you a response.

Normally, I often just delete these comments and move on. But today, I want to set the record straight about who we are and what you are.

1) No one put a gun to your head telling you to read our blog.

Walter Scott was a retired U.S. Coast Guard. The officer who shot him was also a former military officer.
2) Me and S. Baldwin been doing this stuff for years. We're not going anywhere.

3) We cover this stuff as well as the junk food media. It was worth noting because of the not so good police officers and the communities they're supposed to protect, I wouldn't be covering these issues.

On the previous post. Yeah, there were citations for arrest at an event that monitors underage drinking. The problem is that three out of at least 100 officers makes the whole bunch seem like they're advocating criminal behavior.

4) White privilege is an issue brought by a White scholar and White comedian. It wasn't our idea to bring up this issue. We just wanted to share this in order to prove a point.

5) So what! I said, Underage Drunk White Teen Beats A Rap Sheet. Is it trying to inject race into it?

Maybe I could say Drunk Underage Woman to be fairly neutral.

But that's not what I wanted. I wanted to point out the #CrimingWhileWhite meme. If the last postings on this blog say Police Killed Unarmed Suspect, would you find some reason to bring race this or race that into your word vomit?

Do I need to put an adjective on everything that I've post?

So if I want to say Cops Kill Unarmed Black Teen, should you go bananas over that?

6) Grow the fuck up. This is an opinion and mixture of a news blog. Some of the stuff posted will be controversial and inspiring. We do not apologize for that.

We understand you have a right to discourse. We have a right to delete you, ignore you, block you and end all contact with you. You may get mad. You may create hundreds of blogs, base your whole life around us and the blog, but you can't move a rock without breaking your back. We're a rock and we're not going to be moved. I want to prove to our good readers that our issues matter. We're not trying to make our issues based on one issue.

If you don't care about our issues, that's your problem.

7) I don't know you personally, but I bet you that you're not liked among people. I can tell that you spend countless hours and days trying to debate them "oh so liberal" agitators and those Black people who have an opinion. You troll blogs such as this one because it's "A BLACK BLOG."

You want to vomit about how it's not fair for THE BLACKS to bitch about injustices.

White men and women have injustices too! Yeah, that's what you're saying to us? You want us to focus on more criminal acts by Black folks, right?
In a few seconds, the Manassa officer runs over a suspect who had his back turned.
You want us to attack President Barack Obama and his family because in your mind, he's the biggest racist to ever be in the White House.

You believe everything is liberal. The air, the roads, the television, the shows you watch, the blogs, the colleges, the highways, the ocean, the planets and the animals. They're all liberal right?

8) That's why it's great to post on a blog. We expect this stuff. Thank you for reading. I don't agree with you and I don't have to call you names to say that. I don't have to keep promises either. So if you're reading this again, make sure you take the time to read 6 and 7 again. That's the only response that matters to you. You can call it an insult on your intelligence or name calling. It doesn't matter.

The rest is just me venting.

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