Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ohio Mom Pimp'd Her Daughter For "Boy"!

Mother traded her daughter for "boy".

Mother of the year, April Corcoran and the local dope boy are going up the creek without a paddle.

The mother hailing from Pleasant Plain, Ohio, a town about 35 miles from Cincinnati, traded her 11 year old daughter for heroin.

I will use some drug slang in this. Heroin is also known in drug slang as "Boy", "Smack" "Fix" or "P-Boi".

Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine are planning on laying the smack down on the 31 year old mother and 41 year old Shandell Willingham.

These two could get LIFE in the iron college if they are found guilty of nearly 30 felonies. Some of these felonies could be bumped into federal charges if the U.S. Justice Department gets involved.

I am betting that DeWine is looking to the DOJ for federal charges.

The whole run down came from the junk food media. The mother of the year would travel to Cincinnati to an upscale apartment off Colerain Avenue in Camp Washington. She would often visit her local dope boy for that fix. That fix was starting to get very expensive. So in order to get a little more hits, she would get this idea.

She would give him collateral.

Willingham would get collateral if Corcoran couldn't muster enough to get boy. That collateral would be her daughter who rode along. I am guessing this was a mom who looked at her daughter like she's her best friend. And seeing their best friends, mom would convince her daughter to get a fix in.

See in the human trafficking game, the pimp (or madam) would convince the young girls to be their friends. They would offer them opportunities (i.e. money, gifts, acceptance, or drugs).  They would try to convince young girls that you could make easy money if you just do this "lil' favor for them".

Corcoran's family lives here. They are shocked that she would trade their grandchild for the fix.
This lil' favor would be child prostitution. This would eventually bring the girls into a world of sex, rape, unwanted pregnancy, drug addiction, sexuality transmitted diseases, and eventually a hole that six feet deep.

The Enquirer went to the sleepy town of 160. Many of the residents know April and found this to be quite disturbing.

The curtains were drawn on Corcoran's former Pleasant Plain residence Monday afternoon, although three cars were parked in the driveway. Two pieces of paper were taped to the front door of the home. They read: "No comment," and "talk to lawyer."

Corcoran's home is located on a sizable lot in a sparsely populated rural area. The residence looks out onto acres of farmland. To the immediate left and right of the residence sit two empty homes.

Dope boy busted for sex with minor and dope hustlin'.
Corcoran's nearest neighbors were two houses down in both directions.

James Bogen, Corcoran's court-appointed attorney, said he's been in contact with Corcoran's family.

"They tell me before she became hooked on heroin, she was a very loving and attentive parent," he said. Corcoran had very few interactions with law enforcement and the court system before Monday's indictment.

She has no criminal record in Ohio. In Hamilton County, the only cases against Corcoran include a disagreement with Discover Bank and a traffic ticket. The Warren County Sheriff's Office told The Enquirer that Corcoran had never been in their jail and that they'd had no dealings with her.

Warren County Juvenile and Family Services confirmed they had a closed case with Corcoran, but it was not clear what was the nature of the case. Warren County Juvenile and Family Services is responsible for child welfare, food stamp, child support and many other types of cases.

County officials were reviewing the case to see if it could be released to The Enquirer.

Officials says Willingham raped the child at an apartment complex at 3301 Colerain Ave. in Camp Washington.

However, City Center Properties, the company that manages the property, said they had no record that Willingham was a tenant at the complex.

The Camp Washington neighborhood is a real grimy area. Cincinnati residents are trying to push the problems out. That problem is the drugs, prostitution and vandalism. There are some long and short term fixes toward gentrification but it's happening and the streetcar will pave over these problems.

The inept Congress can't pass a bipartisan human trafficking bill because some dumb ass Republican senator from Texas (uh John Cornyn) slipped the Hyde Amendment into it. This amendment would deny taxpayer money to help women of rape get a termination if they become pregnant.

Congress is so fixated on trying to undermine the progressive agenda of President Barack Obama, even common sense is a partisan event. They are delaying the appointment of Loretta Lynch in this racial and spiteful attempt to have the president drop her as a nominee.

Yeah, by the way. I do know a few people who are addicted to "boy" and "girl".

In drug slang, girl is "crack/cocaine".

This 28 year old woman is a known drug addict and prostitute. She was coming from a loving family in Miamisburg, Ohio. She was a kind of shy kid who wanted to fit in. I guess getting hooked up by those "friends" got her addicted to the boy. Now as she slowly deteriorates, she figures that the best way to get a fix would be selling her body.

I am pretty sure that eventually the fix will either earn her a trip to the iron college or a place in the ground.

Who knows?

But I can only hope that she would get the help she needs or just continue to be a hard head and let the world roll over her.

She and this woman I previously dated named Jennifer are some of the tragedies unfolding in America. You may know someone who is addicted to pain medication, household materials, crack/cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. They find these drugs as an outlet from the rejection.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our prayers to the victim of this senseless tragedy. I send my prayers to Jennifer. It's not easy to overcome drugs. This is not a local problem. It's an international problem and it's a loss...

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