Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jamie Foxx: Got Flack For Knocking Bruce Jenner's Transformation!

Entertainer Jamie Foxx as Ugly Wanda from In Living Color.

Obviously, the entertainer Jamie Foxx meant no harm. He was roasting controversial celebrity Bruce Jenner. His jokes lead to an outcry by some on the social media.

The patriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has decided to transition into a woman. Jenner, a former Olympic gold medal athlete and occasional actor told his wife Kris about his transitioning to becoming a woman. This sparked a major feud between them and they went through a divorce.

Jenner is also under investigation for vehicular homicide after his SUV plowed into two vehicles killing a driver. It was on the Pacific Coast Highway and LAPD are trying to determine if Jenner was on the phone when this occurred.

At the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Foxx hosted it and got a little bit of flack for this video.

Foxx hosts The Foxxhole on SiriusXM . He is a comedian, singer and director.

He's pretty tolerant of the LGBT community.

The LGBT community is not having any of it. They call upon Foxx to apologize.

Just recently Indiana's Republican governor Mike Pence got his share of controversy.
Jenner is transitioning into a woman.
The governor passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The law is a backdoor for openly discriminating against someone based on religious grounds. The LGBT community is pissed that this law could generate into businesses in the state turning away customers because of their sexuality.

Pence had just recently announced he will call upon Republican lawmakers to specifically eliminate any traces of anti-gay rhetoric in this law.

Pence is floated as a potential clown for the nomination.

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