Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ΣΑΕ Frat Mom: _______ , _______ , ______ And Just Another ________!

It's nothing but a good NIGGER time...

Someone really hates ΣΑΕ (Sigma Alpha Epsilom). The president of the Sooners, David Boren kicked the assholes out of their fraternity, knocked them out of their home and told them all to be prepared to face the consequences.

Me and S. Baldwin have covered this controversy in Norman. The University of Oklahoma is under fire. Their frat boys are making a total embarrassment of their campus.  Now more videos unearthed more idiocy.

Beauton Gilbow is a ΣΑΕ "Mom" and in a social media video she appears to say NIGGER more than her fair share of times. And it appears that she may be intoxicated. But nonetheless, it was said and she got fired out the cannon. She condemned the frat boys and tearfully apologized for her actions.

The New York Daily News ragged that Gilbow was NIGGER chanting while the frat boys were listening to Think It's A Game artist Trinidad James. It was "All Gold Everything".

OUSeal.pngThe video kind of put the brakes on some of ΣΑΕ's remorseful members aiding her in her sudden loss of job.

The ΣΑΕ's Black cook had to suffer. The man named "Howard" was the cook for the frat boys.

He was totally devastated by this news. Especially for the fact that some of his "family" were so boldly acting like this.

With this controversy surfacing the damages became apparent when Boren kicked everyone off the campus, he meant everyone. The cook is out of a job. Some of the remorseful members created a GoFundMe page to help him gain a job and financial assistance.

These leaks of videos comes like drips. The online activism from Anonymous comes to mind. It has all the traces of it. But then it could be a disgruntled (likely ΣΑΕ)  member of the frat.

And to make this worse, a college football team with strong recognition is being passed off.

Most of them football standouts are Black and they're passing on the Sooners.

That pass on could hurt the campus. Those standouts are the money makers. The NCAA could put the hammer on the football and basketball teams. Obviously these events bring in major dollars.

Of course, the hockey, lacrosse, baseball and wrestling suffer. Their marching band suffers.

Mary Fallin, the current Republican governor of Oklahoma and U.S. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) were shocked and told the junk food media that "racism" has no place in Oklahoma.

“The racist words chanted by the students in this video do not represent OU values or Oklahoma values. As the outrage among Oklahomans has demonstrated, we are a state that does not tolerate that kind of disrespectful behavior. I appreciate President Boren as well as OU’s faculty, staff and students for quickly condemning these hurtful words and demonstrating the true nature of our Oklahoma community, which is diverse, compassionate and respectful," said Governor Mary Fallin.

Lankford said “The hateful video of some fraternity students that surfaced over the weekend is disgusting and does not reflect the values of the state of Oklahoma. This is not who we are. We are a state that embraces cultural and ethnic diversity at every level. We must clearly speak out against this type of bigotry. Our state has made significant strides since the Tulsa race riots and the days when Clara Luper led our state out of ignorance; we must continue that progress.”

No sign of comment from Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK). He's too busy bringing snowballs to the Senate floor to deny climate change.

Wink and nod....

These Republicans support this nonsense. It looks good to be on camera condemning racism. Because it's in their backyard. When the cameras are not running, I bet you that these Republican elected leaders are chanting "Ol they'll never be a NIGGER!"

Republicans are in need of some major improvement.

When it comes to race, the Republicans are too busy  trying to undermining the first Black president and the millions of people of color.

Fallin is one of many supporters of the controversial lawsuit trying to gut the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). She signed on to suing the government over the president's executive order to ease restrictions on young undocumented immigrants.

Lankford was one of the 47 senators who supported Stallmigo Tom Cotton's (R-AR) threatening letter to Iran.

The White House weigh in on the controversy. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden said that OU president Boren's actions were appropriate. This is a reminder that the long road ahead in equal rights for all Americans.

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