Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ferguson Protester To Hannity: You're Forever Stuck On Stupid!

That annoying conservative agitator talks down a Ferguson protester.

That annoying conservative agitator went off on a protester. For what reason?

The protester Ivory Ned was a witness to the shooting of two officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

The law can't figure out who was the gunman. I mean they can figure out how a black teen "strong arm" robbed a gas station. The media sure loves posting them pictures of a big guy shoving a clerk.

See how the racist right treats Ivory Ned. Look at the Google search when I mention protester, Ivory Ned, that annoying conservative agitator's name and interview.

Hannity Schools Uninformed Ferguson Protester - Fox Nation

For you see, that this annoying conservative agitator was totally condescending towards Mr. Ned.

Ned explained the shooting as a reaction to Michael Brown's death: "[Brown's shooting] was the first action that happened. Then you have a reaction what happened. I’m not saying it was right."

That annoying conservative agitator wasn't having it.

"No, Ivory, you should be saying it's wrong," The annoying agitator replied, adding that witnesses testified that Brown charged at Officer Darren Wilson. "I think the story here is, you shouldn't act that way, and people shouldn't be shooting cops. I don't hear you saying that, why not?"

Ned was quick to deliver a response.

"There are also witness that testified Mike Brown had his hands up. So you look at the facts first," Ned said. "The forensics showed... that there were bullets... with the hands... I'm no scientist, but the facts remain."

He continued: "The cops getting shot last night, that was not right. But that was not right for Mike Brown to be dead four hours on the ground."

Matter of fact, this whole interview was a train wreck.

Look at the video from the jump. Oh by the way, they apprehended the suspect. More on that one in the next post.

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