Sunday, March 01, 2015

Facebook Threats Lead To Shooting!

I've taken a break from Facebook. I am not ashamed or worried about people "dropping me".

The past month has been miserable. I've been coping with a lot of things. Some are self-inflicted and others are just consequences of my naive trust for users and abusers.

I am tired of looking at Facebook. All that crap from my "friends" and family, has gotten out of hand. I am tired of looking at their walls or updates.

I've told the good readers of Journal de la Reyna in 2013, that Facebook is destined for a downfall.

It's a matter of time before you will log out and find the next social media sensation.

I mean c'mon. Seriously, how many friends do you really know online?

I know "thousands" of people. But I am close to only one person. ME!

I am reclusive and often times a social outcast. I don't hide my feelings towards certain people and feel that being the dreaded "nice guy" spurns me with nothing but failure and resent towards others.

I've been hurt too many times by people and some of the women I've dated. I've kicked my best friends to the curb. They were useless.

I will continue to associate with people but at a close distance.

Yeah, the social media is getting boring. I spend way too much time online. I got to find ways to break myself of the social media obsession. The social media includes the video streaming, the online dating and blogs.

I am a part of the social media. Me and S. Baldwin have done it for years. I don't think I'll stop blogging online. But maybe I will keep my social media intake to a low.

Stay focus to Journal de la Reyna and help push us into the mainstream.

So I'll post occasionally on Facebook. I will "like" some of my friends postings.

I will tweet some things online. I mean Twitter isn't one of the most frequent places I go to.

I will share a photo or two on Instagram. But I am going to stop following Snoop Dogg. He's posting so much stuff, it's kind of annoying at times. And I am a big fan of the hip-hop icon....

I will cautiously respond to some request on POF, OKCupid, Badoo, and Tinder. Not every woman is truthful on their profiles. About a majority of these profiles are fake. The online dating websites are trying their best to make money off the lonely and desperate. They'll bait you and rope you into a monthly subscription and you'll still be single looking for love.

"I am not a second choice..." to quote my lovely friend name Jordan.

Now back to the subject matter here. Facebook becomes the center of controversy. A group of teens were threatening each other online and wanted to make this brawl into a viral sensation. It didn't go out like they've planned.
Kierra'onna Rice. The price of fame kills this teen.
The victims brought their fists. The suspect brought a gun. And some paid the price for fame.

In Birmingham, Kierra'onna Rice paid the price. The Alabama teen was accompanied with a bunch of ignorant teens. They were witnessing the fight in a park. They wanted to film it but it quickly turned awry when

This feud started with a fight three weeks ago that ended with Rice and several other girls agreeing to meet in a local park for a physical fight. They tipped off others through Facebook to meet up and wanted to settle business.

"Fights on the street are not fair and are extremely unpredictable," he said. "You're agreeing to accepting the harm that may take place to you and others."

Two male suspects began shooting soon after the girls arrived at the park.

"They took it upon themselves to fire recklessly into a crowd," he said.

According to Edwards, there is nothing so far to indicate that the shooting was planned.

Two suspects ages 17 and 19 have been arrested and were identified by witnesses as the shooters. Police will release their names once formal charges have been filed.

Rice is the second 14-year-old homicide victim in Birmingham in the last few weeks.

Edwards said that police are seeing a connection between teenagers and guns, causing "big concerns" among officers.

"We're starting to see a lot of teens armed and extremely dangerous," he said. "We are starting to see them become more violent. They're using guns to solve their issues.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Kierra'onna Rice.

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