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Erica Crippen's Death Was Ignored By Junk Food Media!

Erica Crippen went missing for nearly three months. Not one peep from the junk food media. Her body was found in rural Maryland. The suspect Kyle Crosby is facing murder charges. He was the husband of the victim.

Thanks to The Black and Missing Foundation for dropping this one. If it wasn't for Black and Missing this story would be watershed for a missing pretty White girl.

S. Baldwin and I have long talked about how the junk food media often ignores missing people cases.

These type of missing people stories that attract agitators such as Nancy Grace have to be the perfect formula.


No matter how you put it, the junk food media will obsess over missing White women.

Hence the term Missing White Woman Syndrome. It's used by social scientists to describe the extensive media coverage, especially in television, of missing person cases that involve young, white, upper-middle-class women or girls.

Sociologists define the media phenomenon as the undue focus on upper-middle-class white women who disappear, with the disproportionate degree of coverage they receive being compared to cases concerning missing women of other ethnicities and social classes, or with missing males of all social classes and ethnicities.

The PBS news anchor Gwen Ifill is said to be the originator of the phrase.

Although the term was coined to describe disproportionate coverage of missing person cases, it is sometimes used to describe the disparity in news coverage of other violent crimes. The concept is similar to hierarchy of death, in which certain types of deaths garner more news coverage than others. Missing white woman syndrome has led to a number of tough on crime measures named for white women who went missing and were subsequently found harmed.

Since New Year's Eve, no one could have imagine New Jersey mom Erica Crippen would have just disappeared. Some believed that her abusive husband Kyle Crosby may have something to do it.

This week the law found Erica's body on the side of a rural Maryland road near Sykesville.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Erica Crippen.

The AP reports that investigators used a GPS device that was in a New Jersey man's vehicle to find the body of his wife, who had been missing since New Year's Eve, along the side of a rural road in Maryland, a New Jersey prosecutor said Wednesday.

The body of Erica Crippen, 26, was found under branches and brush in Sykesville, Maryland, on Tuesday; she was wrapped in a blanket; her arms, legs and neck were bound with an electrical cord and duct tape was on her face and nose, Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi said.

Crippen's husband, Kyle Crosby, 28, was charged in January with murder in his wife's death after investigators found items of "evidential value" in the trunk of his car in connection with her disappearance. They haven't disclosed what was in the trunk. He remained in county lock up Wednesday. Court and lock up records didn't list a lawyer for him.

Bernardi said that after Crosby's arrest, investigators found a GPS device in his car that contained 8,600 points, or what the prosecutor characterized as "bread crumbs" that showed where the vehicle had stopped. Crippen's body was found less than 100 feet from one of the points, Bernardi said.
Kyle Crosby is in lockup. He murdered his wife Erica after she was threatening to leave him.
It's unclear how or when Crippen died but authorities believe Crosby dumped her body either on the evening of Jan. 10 or morning of Jan. 11, Bernardi said. An autopsy was scheduled in Baltimore.

Investigators searched three times in Maryland for her body, but their efforts were hampered by the brutal winter, the prosecutor said.

A business card from Gloucester Township, where Crosby is from, was found near the body along with discarded food in a box from Royal Farms, a gas station chain, Bernardi said.

Investigators also found surveillance video from one of the stores in Maryland showing he had been there, Bernardi said. Phone records also showed he made a call from the store.

The couple lived in Mount Laurel with their infant daughter and Crippen's 7-year-old daughter. Crippen's body was found the same week her husband's 67-year-old mother, Jo, was charged in the case with hindering and tampering with physical evidence.

Authorities allege Jo Crosby deleted several text messages from her phone sent to her son the morning police believe he killed his wife.

According to an affidavit, at least 15 text messages between her and her son on New Year's Eve were retrieved during a forensic examination of their cellphones. The two also had an 18-minute phone conversation, according to an affidavit obtained by The Associated Press through an open records request. Jo Crosby eventually admitted deleting the messages when she learned authorities were coming to interview her, the affidavit said.
Kyle and Erica have a daughter. Now that child will not have a mom or a dad to raise her. Her dad murder her mom and threw away all the opportunities to see his child become a beautiful woman.
She has been released on $12,500 bail. It wasn't clear Wednesday if she had an attorney who could comment on the charges. No one responded to a note left at her house seeking comment.

A story that the racist right agitator Colin Flaherty missed was the death of Erica Crippen.

She was a married woman from New Jersey. She was reported missing for over a month. Her body was found in Maryland, and the suspect is in custody.

The shocking twist it was her husband.

But even more shocking was the fact the woman was Black and the suspect is White.

So where is Colin Flaherty?

Somewhere in the cesspool trying to find his next bombshell featuring a Black criminal inflicting harm on a White victim.

Would someone pull this ass from his ass?

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