Monday, March 02, 2015

Bibi And Wings!

American lawmakers kiss this foreign leader's ass. 

The junk food media, the conservative agitators and Republicans have declared their allegiance to the Israeli government. They have made Israel the 51st state.

They pledge their loyalty to the State of Israel.

Instead of working on a peaceful end to the Iran's nuclear ambitions, the Republican Party, the junk food media, the conservative agitators and Benjamin Netanyahu will push for more sanctions that could derail international talks.

His anticipated speech has caused an uproar. The Weeper of the House John Boehner (R-OH) has invited Netanyahu to address a Joint Session of Congress without proper acknowledgment to the White House. The president was none to thrilled about this. Some say this is an attempt to scaremonger and help Netanyahu win his bid for reelection as Israeli prime minister. This breech of protocol has gotten to the point where now it's out in the open, President Barack Obama had enough of Netanyahu meddling in the affairs of America.

The president will not meet Netanyahu during his visit. Vice President Joe Biden will not attend the Joint Session. A handful of Democratic politicos are boycotting this.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee is cautiously supporting the decision to have him speak.

The controversial conservative leader has maintained that Iran is "close" to developing nuclear weapons, and he's vowed to attack the nation if the United States and its allies refuse to do so. He opposes the two-state solution for the Palestinian territories. Netanyahu continues to advocate building Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
No new friends.
Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany and the United States have worked hard to negotiate a deal to halt Iran from producing nuclear weapons.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are working with the five leaders in Switzerland to accomplish this. The Six Party talks are extremely important. These talks will hopefully give the United Nations an opportunity to inspect the Iran's nuclear plants and defuse any reactors that could be used in producing a weapon.

Republicans made Israeli defense a top priority among their obsession to stop the Islamic State.

They gotten tired of claiming the president is hurting the economy with his policies. So now instead of playing to this"Obama's not working" narrative, they've figured now "Obama's is weak on terrorism and foreign policy".

For one thing, I do not support foreign leaders. I have unanimous support for the United States and the president. I don't care what party the president represent. As long as I declare my loyalty to the country of my birth, no other country matters.

Israel has nuclear weapons.

Israel has a espionage service called the Mossad. The agency has been notorious in killing people without due process. They are considered terrorists.

Israel's military has committed war crimes. In the 2014 conflict in the Gaza Strip, over 3,000 people (mostly innocent people) died and Netanyahu doesn't give a fuck about them.

I'm going to be upfront with you.

It's about time the United States start cutting ties with Israel. I mean this ongoing debate over a two party solution has been over 60 years of failed policies and a bunch of stubbornness.

We've put too much time and effort into a failure.

Netanyahu is not willing to work for peace. He benefits from war and his speech to the Congress is another attempt to drive the Western backed powers into an endless war.

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