Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Angie Stone Saw Bars After Knocking Her Daughter's Teeth Out!

Angie Stone saw the bars after allegations of a physical assault on her daughter.

When you're not doing much where do you go?

Reality Television.

Hey how about this R&B singer Angie Stone?

She is on TVOne's R&B Divas and it's a hit. Literally, a hit.

Considering that Stone got to spend some time in the DeKalb County jail after allegations that she assaulted her daughter. I guess the old saying, "You really knocked someone's teeth out!" means something.

Entertainer's mugshot.
Stone got her daughter picking up teeth. She hit her with the metal pipe.

That charge may get her fired out the cannon on R&B Divas. But worse, it's going to be a possible five year sentence for her. Not to mention a strain on the relationship with her daughter and grandchildren.

The celebrity agitator TMZ and the Atlanta Journal Constitution put some info out on the troubled R&B singer.

Police in Dekalb County tell TMZ ... 53-year-old Angie told police her daughter Diamond punched her in the face. Angie then told police she defended herself with a metal stand, but accidentally hit Diamond in the face ... knocking out her front teeth.

Angie told police once she realized the mistake she put down the stand and tried to flee ... but claims Diamond came after her again. A family friend eventually broke up the fight.

Diamond told police the argument started when Angie complained Diamond didn't clean up after her children. Diamond was also taken into custody, but eventually released without being charged.

Faith Evans, who produces the show, wanted Stone on the show the first season but the timing didn't work out until the second season. Stone's role is that of a mentor and life coach.

This wasn't the first run in for Stone. Angie Stone (legally Angela Brown), was caught up on driving without a license.

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