Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Andrea Tantaros: Obama's _________ And He's ____________ America!

The clown princess calls President Barack Obama anti-Semitic.

Remember that agitator Glenn Beck once told the Loserville audience that Barack Obama in his opinion hates White people and boldly believes he's a racist. That led to a boycott of his 5pm show and eventual firing. He now runs The Blaze network.

Is there room for one more?

Andrea Tantaros, is a female version of insurgent radio host Laura Ingraham. Just a tad bit younger, prettier and just about as dumb as a box of rocks. Tantaros became the newest afternoon AM host after Mike Huckabee got axed. 

When that old fart decides to retire from radio or croaks, they'll always be someone who may take the gold mic.

Tantaros is an example of the reactionary nonsense that gets airplay.

A disagreement with Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran and its nuclear program is diplomatic disagreements. But in the minds of conservative agitators, President Barack Obama is anti-Semitic.


She boldly claimed that in her opinion, she believe "It's about time to ask the question, is the White House anti-Semitic?"

This is some of the vile crap that comes from the racist right?
Disgusting crap from the insurgency.
Just because the president believes that Netanyahu's speech was improper, he's anti-Semitic.

So you're calling every leader from the Six Party talks a bunch of anti-Semitics because they're working on a diplomatic way to ease tension between Iran and the West.

Russia, Britain, Germany, China and France are working with the United States to complete a grand bargain. A bargain that is considered appeasement according to Netanyahu and this crazy agitator.

Andrea Tantaros, why don't you renounce your citizenship?

If you're so far up a foreign leader's ass, why don't you just give up your American citizenship for the sake of all of us!

What bunch of idiots!

The racist right is stuck in the 20th Century. They can't see the future. It's unfortunate that the young will change the direction of Israel, Iran and even the United States.

We managed to get our first Black president. And look how they treat him....with utter disrespect.

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