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DOJ Investigating Brutal Assault On Motorist In Michigan!

Floyd Dent was taken down by three officers. He was beaten and tasered. He was charged with cocaine possession and resisting arrest. He denies that he done wrong. He says he was set up.

The Michigan Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Justice Department are going to look into the brutal police beating of Floyd Dent, of Detroit.

Dent was arrested in January in the suburb of Inkster. He was held on the charges of cocaine possession, resisting arrest, and assault on a police officer. All these charges could carry over 10 years in the iron college.

But the 57 year old Michigan man is denying that he's done such things. He believes that he was set up by the law and according to some, it seems like it may be the case.

Yeah, Dent was a motorist with a suspended license. That's a minor misdemeanor. Punishable act may results in fines and at least a year in the iron college.

This will be the first thing that our friends on the racist right will justify for the arrest and brutal beating.

According to the law, they observe him leaving an area that's known for drug activity. They saw him make an illegal stop and pulled him over. You have a right as a motorist to be in any area as you please. The law can't deny you a right to be in area because of assumption of drug activity.

The video shows Dent being stopped by the law. According to the law, Dent was struggling, shouting offensive language, and biting at the officers.

The law can lie when they can justify a pull over, a citation, an arrest, or a discharge of their service weapon and use of physical restraint.

The Supreme Court has given them "pass" on lying.

Not truly being a pass, but say if the law was doing a sting operation in which vice cops pose as prostitutes or johns, they can lie. They can allow a suspect to enter a place or vehicle and coach them into committing an act of crime.

So what are you into tonight? If you're willing to party I got the cash. The suspect will say the questions? Are you a police officer. Say if the law says he's not a cop, trust me. That's a lie. They are allowed to make that case in order to arrest the suspect.

So why is this important in a court case?

Police can't enter a home without a judge issuing a warrant. They can enter if they smell the smoke of marijuana or notice an odor that appears suspicious. They can't not enter a vehicle without probable cause. Say if you're allegedly under the influence and they observe behavior of a motorist. The police have a right to justify a pull over to see if the motorist is under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. The police can enter a vehicle if they observe a solicitation of drugs or prostitution. That's in regards of public safety for suspicious odors or potential threats.
Inkster PVC Dodge Charger.
AGAIN: The law can lie to justify a pull over, a citation, an arrest or use of force by service weapon or physical restraint.

The law says that they've seen the suspect (Dent) leaving an area they've observed doing an illegal activity.

Yeah, but if the suspect is following all rules of the road, why observe? He could be hugging a friend, taking groceries into a home, dropping his child off.

To an arresting officer, they see you as the one who doesn't belong in this area. They see you as the guy who just shows up out of nowhere. They see you as a criminal act in the making. They will proceed to follow you to see if you're up to no good. They will pull you over.

Two scenarios.

1) If you believe that you're not doing anything wrong, you can waive your right to have your vehicle searched. Do not believe the officer when he says you may get a warning for the traffic infraction. Always believe that you can be cited for a ticket. If you allow a search and was given a ticket, it may not hold up in traffic court.

2) If you believe that you're not doing anything wrong, you can tell an officer you "I don't consent to my vehicle being searched". See the police do not tell you if you're pulled over, you have a right to not have them search your vehicle. They will let you make a mistake and force a probable search.

They will advocate other officers to monitor your movements, if the officer has no dog assistance.

They will tell you that you're being searched by the dog. They do a pat down of the motorist and may place the motorist into the back of a police vehicle. They warn the motorist if the dog detects a hit and they find something, you're going to county lock up. But stand firm and tell them that you do not consent to searches. And if you're feeling pressured, you can ask the officer, if you're free to leave the area.

If you're not hiding an arrestable offense, the officer will ticket you and tell you that you're "banned" from that area. Again, the officer can lie to make you fear they'll pull you over again. The judge is the only person who can ban you from an area. The officer is not a judge.

If you're allegedly hiding an arrestable offense, clam up and ask for a lawyer. Because if they done a probable search without your permission, you can use that in court as a defense.

The law and courts are aware of the Fourth Amendment and the right of search and seizure. They can't just take your vehicle if you're not allowing them to.
Floyd Dent got served a court charge of possession. He claims he was set up.
See the bombshell in this story is that one of the arresting officers got off the hook for a federal crime.

William Melendez comes to question. He was one of the eight officers who was fired from the Detroit Police. He and those seven others were on trial for civil right abuses. There are claims that Melendez plants evidence on motorists to justify an arrest. He was acquitted of charges. But he somehow lands back on the police force in nearby Inkster.

The officers that pulled Dent over where White. Dent was a Black motorist. He was unarmed.

The law says that Dent was struggling, shouting offensive language, and biting at the officers. The lawyer for Dent denies that occurred. Dent claimed that he stopped after the officers claimed that he ran a stop sign.

Dent was kicked in the head and thrown to the ground. He was placed in a chokehold by the arresting officer. He even had a service weapon shoved into his head.

Dent who was retired Ford worker has no serious criminal history.

Melendez and two other officers are placed on desk duty. The charges for assault on an officer were dismissed on Dent. But the charge of cocaine possession will land Dent in court.

Some may point out that one of the arresting officer Melendez claimed that cocaine was found under the passenger seat. He was dubbed "ROBOCOP" by some residents.

Now to the readers of Journal de la Reyna. If this case justifies a probable search and arrest of the subject, why was the physical restraint used on the suspect?

There are good police officers and not so good ones. See the ones who are not so good are defended by the likes of that annoying conservative agitator, FRED101, and the racist right. The law is given blaring support from White conservatives and their images splashed on the conservative Craigslist.

Out of the woodwork, asshats like Colin Flaherty and Charles C. Johnson will make the case for every police brutality on people of color, there's hundreds of Blacks committing acts on White people.

Dent would be smeared by the racist right. No question will be left unturned if the racist right observe even a sliver of incrimination. Say if Dent had a Facebook posting of him drinking a beer on the front porch with a middle finger. Automatic criminal in the minds of the racist right.

Obviously FRED101 will come up with some stupid reaction to this story by linking some bullshit in the comment section of this story.

Police brutality is an ongoing issue. Black and Latino men are often looked upon as natural born criminals in the minds of the racist right and the law. About 38% of Black men and 40% Hispanic men all aged 18 - 39 have been pulled over by the law.

This video is disturbing.

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