Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Racist Right Adores This Black Teen Trashing Obama!

Another toy for the racist right to exploit. Another I'm not a "racist" but I think Black people are.... Or perhaps, I'm not a "racist" but I think Barack Obama is.... Who obviously would link a Black middle school student trashing the president to the online media.

The conservative Craigslist of racial agitation.... Never a dull moment for the reclusive racial arsonist.

The smart people believe that President Obama doesn't love America. All because he won't say "radical Islam" and many other divisive phrases.

The first Black president who won two landslide elections by motivating a strong turnout of Black voters and newly registered younger voters hates this country. A man who grew up in Hawaii traveled overseas and had an opportunity to move the bar forward in American history hates this country.
Instead of having a normal life, this Black teen is posting on YouTube his political opinions. He's spewing extremist rhetoric.

A man who is married with two children and dedicated his whole life to service really hates this country.

This is the reasons to why I seriously believe that the Republican Party is doomed to failure. They may have won Congress for the time being, but the changing demographics and the constant overreacting to everything or anything the president does will seriously doom their chances at winning the White House.

I didn't expect the Obama obsession to go this far.

This turd from Georgia goes right after the president and defended that simpleton Rudy Giuliani.

CJ Pearson posted a YouTube video yesterday in which he seeks to “applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments about President Barack Obama.”

“Here’s the truth of the matter: I don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t care about being politically correct at this point.

“President Obama, You don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on America and downright hate for the American values that our country holds. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for.”

He adds, “I hope that one day people will get enough guts to speak out against your downright hatred for this nation.”

This boy has some balls to say that the president doesn't love America?

Kind of funny that these idiots claim the president hates America when in reality they're the ones who actually hate America. They're so blinded with this stupid obsession to attack the president no matter what he does.

By the way, the president ignores the carnival barkers. This kid and the Craigslist of the racist right are the masters of carnival barking.

Oh, CJ Pearson will likely get death threats for his freedom of speech. So don't be surprised, you'll find him on Loserville bitching about it.

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