Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Righties Want Scott Walker To Jump Into The Clown Car!

The insurgency and the agitators of the conservative media want Wisconsin guv to jump into the clown car.

The Wisconsin governor who managed to win three elections is now thinking about putting on the makeup and jumping into an already crowded clown car.

Republican Scott Walker is the new thing since sliced ham (i.e. perennial loser Mitt Romney). The controversial governor has won his bid in 2010. He survived a recall election in 2011. He handily beat the Democratic nominee in 2014 after talk he was down for the count.

Walker is the conservatives golden child.

Walker was at the Iowa Freedom Forum and he managed to drive up the emotion bars by saying that those evil LIBERAL agitators threaten him and his family. He stuck to his guns when he rolled back union bargaining rights for those in the public sector. He would take his ambitions to cut taxes and drug test low incomes to the state house. With a Republican majority, he managed to throw down.

Unemployment in Wisconsin is 5.4%. Pretty impressive numbers. But hell, population growth is extremely low. People are leaving the RUST BELT for the SUN BELT. That creates a demand for jobs. That's what people forget to talk about.

Walker is another pathetic candidate. I do sense the halo over this clown's head though....

What's your take on Walker and the possibility of him running?

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