Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pimp My Career!

Pimp My Ride may come back to MTV. The Huffington Post opens up some of the secrets of this once successful show.

The MTV show featuring rapper Xzibit was one popular show back then. Long after it's been pulled off the roster, many accusations come forth that the reality show is actually fake.

Wow. Should I be surprised?

The Huffington Post has a report about some of the contestants of Pimp My Ride being ringers.

Not saying that most of the contestants are fake, but a few of them came forth to thank MTV and Xzibit for giving them an opportunity to promote their companies and their new whips.

Never discredit a show for what it does. It's reality television. Often you should expect this.

I wouldn't think much of this if I didn't think I could get a chance to "pimp my ride".

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