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The ACORN Pimp James O'Keefe Targets Rev. Perm And Eric Garner's Family!

Rev. Perm accused by the racist right of being a "shakedown artist". They have proof. The ACORN pimp James O'Keefe hires a woman to go undercover to talk to family members of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner.

If anyone is dumb enough to fall victim to a racial prank by ACORN pimp James O'Keefe, then you deserve to be shamed by the racist right.

I would never want to interact with someone who tries to "befriend" me. I am very cautious about certain people.

Obviously, this turd still on federal probation hasn't given up on the exposing liberal hypocrisy bandwagon. This round involves the victims of police brutality and vigilante justice. And of course, their old enemy, Rev. Perm.

Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were extremely controversial by the standards of junk food media coverage. The junk food media focused on every aspect of what happened and gave the public an opportunity to spin these men's deaths. See the racist right will slander and dehumanize their names and shrine the ones who killed them.

One of Eric Garner's daughters was caught on tape saying that Rev. Perm is all about the money and not the cause.

A member of O’Keefe’s team spoke with the late Eric Garner’s oldest daughter, Erica, on a brisk January evening in Staten Island. Garner did not hold back when asked about Rev. Perm’s involvement, stating: “he’s about the money.”

Garner, who has become a passionate champion for social change following the death of her father, accused Rev. Perm and his National Action Network of “attacking” her for not giving them credit; and trying to capitalize on her father’s death. “Instead of me, he wants his face in front of them,” said Garner of Rev. Perm.
The ACORN Pimp James O'Keefe strikes again.
Garner was visibly angered at Rev. Perm and the National Action Network. Indeed, rather than help, Garner felt as if Rev. Perm and NAN were trying to take advantage of her:  “Rev. Perm paid for the funeral. She’s [Cynthia Davis, President of the Staten Island Chapter of NAN] trying to make me feel like I owe them,” a statement that shocked one of Garner’s friends who was speaking with Erica and a Project Veritas journalist.

In Florida, a Project Veritas investigative journalist spoke with Tracy Martin, the father of the late Trayvon Martin, at a banquet for the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Martin quickly distanced himself from Rev. Perm, stating: “he’s on his own personal mission.”

Troy Wright, the President and Executive Director of the Trayvon Martin Foundation, further distanced Martin’s family and the Martin Foundation from Rev. Perm. When asked about Rev. Perm and NAN, Wright responded “that’s a sore subject with us right now.” Indeed, all traces of Rev. Perm and NAN have recently been removed from the Foundation’s website.

Wright also strongly insinuated to Project Veritas that a decision had been made not to invite Rev. Perm to a recent Foundation banquet.

O’Keefe’s team also spoke with prominent leaders in Ferguson, who were sharply critical of Rev. Perm. Bishop Calvin Scott, whose personal dealings with Rev. Perm in the aftermath of the Michael Brown tragedy left him critical of the MSNBC host, told Project Veritas that he “incites people for the wrong reason,” that he gets people “all fired up,” and that is “not the way you want to go.” Bishop Scott went as far as to place partial blame on Rev. Perm for inciting violence in Ferguson: pointedly stating “when you have a fuse that is already lit, you don’t need to add no more fire to it.”

When asked if Rev. Perm used the Michael Brown controversy to raise money, Bishop Scott told a Project Veritas journalist “you’re not the first person to raise that question… someone in the higher up that even mentioned… the history of an Al Sharpton, and an organization such as him, and they emphatically stated that… for them, knowing their history, it’s about money.”
Erica Garner who was caught on tape saying Rev. Perm shakes down for profit.
Stacy Garner (no relation to Eric or Erica Garner) of Ferguson Christian Church told another member of O’Keefe’s team that he believed Rev. Perm was exploiting the Michael Brown tragedy for his own profit and that “instead of bringing us together, I think he was drawing us apart.”

“Rev. Perm’s perception of himself is a far cry from how he is perceived by the families and communities he thrust himself upon,” stated James O’Keefe. “By all accounts, Rev. Perm appears to be abusing the bully pulpit given to him by MSNBC to capitalize on tragedies. It was quite apparent from the number of individuals we spoke to that Rev. Perm's views tragedies as opportunities, and that he is willing to do whatever it takes to further his personal agenda.”

This is one of the many accusations thrown at the Obama News agitator and founder of the National Action Network president. Most conservatives and Republicans believe that Rev. Perm is a "shake down" artist and is a tax cheat.

That annoying conservative agitator who often debates Rev. Perm was gleeful about this latest bombshell.

Rev. Perm is being sued along with Comcast by some conservative black group.

The complaint, filed in California on Friday, comes from the National Association of African-American Owned Media, which also filed a similar suit against AT&T and DirecTV in December.

This time, the plaintiff is not only targeting both Comcast and TWC — on the eve of the two companies merging to become what would be the largest pay television distributor in the United States — but also various African-American advocacy groups and Rev. Perm for allegedly facilitating discrimination.

By the way, George Zimmerman will not face federal civil rights charges. The Department of Justice dropped its charges against the controversial Florida man. Zimmerman was the central figure in the February 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. Since being free, he's been in the news over 20 times for some stupid controversy.

Erica Garner also had a brief share of controversy too. She had posted offensive comments about the NYPD and leaked the address of the officer who placed her dad in the fatal stranglehold.

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