Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jeh Johnson: Congress Doesn't Seem To Care About DHS Workers Not Getting Paid!

It's pathetic I got to tell thousands of workers protecting our country, they're not getting paid.

The stalemate in Congress is over the president's executive orders over immigration reform has the Department of Homeland Security on the ropes.

Jeh Johnson the first African American to be secretary of the DHS is pissed that Congress is playing Russian Roulette with the national security. The junk food media spooked the Americans into believing terrorism is coming to America. The DHS is pushing its only hopes to get funding, push the blame game onto the political partisans who were elected to do nothing but agitate.

The insurgents want to fund the DHS but they want the president's executive orders repealed.

The Democrats want the DHS funded, but they want this to be a "clean" bill.

The old geezers of GOP Sundays are barking about the latest online video by those extremists. The soft target Mall of America is mentioned by these boogeymen. Now the Republican senators and the current Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson are barking on GOP Sundays about it.

The Congress is coming back from vacation. They have four days to get their act in order or the DHS will start issuing furloughs and back pay for thousands of workers.

It would be nice to have a paycheck for the 24/7 operation called the Transportation Security Administration. It would be nice to have paycheck for the 24/7 operation called the U.S. Customs and Borders Protection Agency. It would be nice to see the 24/7 federal agencies such as the Secret Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement workers get their paychecks.

Talk about the Federal Emergency and Management Agency. You know those people who help aid Americans in the wake of a disaster. Do you think they should get a paycheck?

Even the U.S. Coast Guard is a 24/7 operation that is funded by the DHS. Do you think these men and women who work our seas deserve a paycheck?

Wow, the DHS anchors more than these organizations, but what about the people who cleans those toilets, fixes the food, parks their cars, and landscaping?

The Republican leadership is concerned that "all their talk about being the grown ups in the room" is being squandered. The Republicans must have Democrats support their bills. They can't pass them without some jumping to the other side.

The Republicans got the blame for the 2013 government shutdown. They sat on their knees claiming that the president didn't want the government running. They will be blamed if DHS runs out of funds.

Let's hope they get their act back together....

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