Sunday, February 15, 2015

Iran Leader: We Want Peace Obama!

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants to call a truce with America and Israel. But some in the junk food media are willing to destroy the peace plan that is proposed.

The secret talks between Iran and the U.S. has the agitators angry. There's talk to calm the tension between America and Iran. They are trying to reduce the nuclear intentions by the Iranian government. President Barack Obama knows that sanctions and military action isn't helping the cause for peace. But some in Washington, DC still kiss the backside of foreign leaders who make a living scaring Americans into supporting countless wars over in the Middle East.

How could the president sell out to our enemies? He didn't of course.

Because diplomacy doesn't often have to be rosy colored. It's complicated and hard work. The best advance is talks. It's not about who's got the bigger bombs. It's about trying to squash their unnecessary conflicts overseas.

Iran isn't funding the Islamic State. They actually are trying to keep this from spreading. With turmoil in Syria and Iraqi forces are not willing to protect their lands, the American military must once again step into the quagmire

Define enemies?
These two dopes don't want peace.
I've long gotten tired of hearing this tired narrative of "good guy vs. bad guy" nonsense. The Islamic Republic of Iran has 35 million people, do you honestly believe that the Iranian people are determined to destroy the United States and Israel? I bet you outside of the American junk food media, I bet you Iranians are willing to work, play and enjoy life.

Some obviously do, others don't! For all this smoke and mirrors rhetoric I find nothing wrong with the president talking with "hostile leaders". The cat cowling of the warmongering lawmakers to the partisan rancor of the agitators is basically for the

Benjamin Netanyahu will continue this "scare the world with evil" speech. Weeper of the House John Boehner (R-OH) invited the controversial prime minister of Israel for a Joint Section of Congress.

He acknowledged that he was deliberately undermining the president by inviting this foreign leader two weeks before Israeli national elections.

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