Thursday, February 26, 2015

Did The West Call Out The Islamic State Spokesman?

Do they even know who this guy is? 

The U.S. and Brits outed the man who posed in the Islamic State videos. Last time, I thought they've outed a British rapper as the spokesperson Now it's a computer programmer. Seriously, who is the guy?

I highly doubt their credibility on this one.

Allegedly the man who often is a fixture to public assassination videos is a Kuwaiti-born Briton who grew up in West London. Coming from a well-off family and got a degree in the computers.

I am guessing he probably produced those videos for recruitment.

Anyway, Jihad John is reportedly known as Mohammed Emwazi. Not confirmed nor denied, the junk food media outed the guy who puts knife to the head of Westerners.

The Republicans and their allies on the racist right are spooked by "radical Islam". They are pissed that the president isn't calling it "radical".

In Brooklyn, three men were charged with aiding material support for Islamic State.

This stuff doesn't scare me.

Two reasons.

The junk food media is looking for ratings. What's better than scaring up folks with videos of masked men with firearms trying to look like American soldiers?

The government told us numerous times to be vigilant and report suspicious activity. Obviously people can't understand that the best tool to defeat them is ignore them. The media is giving them attention by promoting videos and the pictures of hostages being beheaded or burned alive.

Give me a reason to fear the terrorist.

The Western take on the Islamic State.

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