Thursday, February 19, 2015

Conservative Outrage Over Obama Not Saying ______________!

Last time they were upset he didn't say terrorism.

I fear no man, woman, machine or beast. I fear failure and rejection more than a foreign terrorist.

Terrorism is terrorism. There's no label to it. There's nothing more that could be said about it. A terrorist wants to invoke fear and paranoia. They want the junk food media to legitimize their efforts to exploit their criminal acts.

The conservative media is outraged (as usual) over the president for some perceived reason. The president is taking criticism over not saying the words "radical Islam".

The latest outrage deals with the conference addressing extremism. The White House is trying to determine the primary causes to why some are becoming terrorists. It's not about what religion this person holds it's about the actions that are performed in the suspicion of a criminal act.

The United States isn't at war with Islam. It's at war with terrorism (ahem).

Look, here's the honest opinion of this. In war, there's no good or bad guys. There's no evil and righteous. All it basically conflict. Conflict that kills people. People die. War doesn't produce winners, it creates a whole lot of dead bodies and a lot of post traumatic stress.

The arm chair agitators think that President Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge radical Islam as the cause for extremism. Of course, ignoring the extremism from White and Black radicals, the racist right obviously are trying to give the terrorists a reason to hate the U.S.

The United States is unapologetic in its killing of human beings. The country has the most gun violence in the world. We still define rape as "a bunch of dumb girls getting drunk" and "god's will".

We sale more guns in the United States. Congress refused to pass a comprehensive gun control law that prevents the mentally insane and potential terrorists from obtaining firearms. It was going to preserve the freedom of bearing arms but eliminate stupid owners from selling their firearms to some nut job.

We had mass murders this year alone. There were incidents in Las Vegas where a woman who got into a road rage incident gunned down after it was revealed that she may have instigated the fight by stalking the suspected shooter with her armed son. More on this story later.

In Monroeville, PA, a man shot at a shoppers at a mall. The Pittsburgh area was shocked that a teen was shooting at mall goers over an apparent dispute. A teen was arrested in this incident.

The Islamic State is the junk food media's boogeyman. The extremists are fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The battle is over there, not here in the United States. We are being told constantly to be vigilant. We are told to report suspicious activity. We already have initiated counter measures to prevent individuals from blowing up soft targets. So why are the agitators and Republicans still playing on the fear card?

Didn't the president order the Navy SEALS to take Osama bin Laden out?

Didn't the president shake up the Islamic State and al Qaeda with drone strikes and CIA-hits?

I mean if a terrorist shakes up the daily routine of Americans, it's obviously going to be an event where the rejected (aka NICE GUY) snaps. The rejected will carry out a mass murder in an area where people are unaware of the situation.


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