Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Universal Pictures releases Unfriended, a horror movie about a mysterious figure trying to seek revenge on those who filmed a woman who committed suicide after a public ridicule.

This Spring movie is the desperation of the movie industry. It's a horror movie based off the social networking and online bullying.

Universal Pictures releases Unfriended in April, and its another White teen horror movie. The obvious plot focuses on a teen girl who had a drunk binge and was passed out. Someone filmed her being raped. She gets slut shamed by her social networking friends. She gets depressed. In a dare, she post her suicide on the internet.

A few years later, someone who claims to be her threatens her friends and tormentors.

The obvious bad behavior of White America.

Teenage suicide, underage drinking, posting stupid behavior on the internet and the social networking are common themes among the young.

The real horror is this movie exploiting the deaths of Megan Meier, Phoebe Prince, Tyler Clementi, Carl Walker-Hoover, Kenneth Weishuhn, Lelah Alcorn, and every life lost to suicide. These individuals committed suicide due to online bullying.

This also brings up the Stuebenville rape controversy. The young woman who was raped in 2011 by M'alik Richmond and Trent Mays was a targeted by her friends.

Are you interested in this movie?

Do you believe that Hollywood ran out of ideas when it comes to movies?

Here's the trailer.


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