Saturday, January 03, 2015

Texas Family Got N***a Food Service!

Again the retail and food service industry brings us the best. And then some. I mean half of the dedicated workers of the service industry go out their way to serve a guest.

If you're in the food and beverage establishments where tipping is a key to pulling in reasonable income, you would treat that guest like their a part of the family.

Four area Dallas residents were given the business. They ended up each getting a receipt with the word NIGGA on it.

Shatila Restaurant in Pantego, Texas, used the N-word on each of their receipts, followed by a number the server presumably used to keep their orders straight, reported KTVT-TV.
Nigga on the restaurant receipt.
They checked with other diners, but none of them had similar notes on their receipts.

“It’s sad that it’s still occurring,” Ta’les Russell told the TV station. “We are here in the new year, starting fresh, celebrating with family and friends. This is the worst way to start, with everything going on in our society in Ferguson. It’s sad that we have to experience this still today in 2015.”

They said the manager of the Lebanese restaurant and hookah bar apologized, offered them free meals, and told them the server — identified on the receipts as Ragheed — had been fired.

The manager said the server was new and meant no harm, but the group said he should not have felt comfortable expressing himself using racial slurs while on the job.

“They need to emphasize it to their staff,” said Jasmine Tucker. “They can let go our waiter, but what if the rest of their waiters are doing the same thing? They need to emphasize this is not OK.”

The server was fired out the cannon and the owner offered his apologies.

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