Friday, January 23, 2015

Ohio Mayor Blames Blacks For Cop Morale!

Norwood, Ohio mayor popped off about race-baiting Black leaders.

Norwood, Ohio is located about six miles from Downtown Cincinnati. It's an enclave that's surrounded by Cincinnati and is located around Ohio State Route 562 (known as the Lateral) and Interstate 71.

The mayor of the city has generated national attention after he wrote a letter singling out race-baiting Black leaders and cowardly lawmakers for cop morale being down.

And the defiant mayor spoke to the junk food media saying that he's not a racist and he's just showing "love" to his police force.

Thomas Williams the mayor of the Norwood is facing a controversy. He sent a letter to his police chief and urged vigilance but happen to slip the Black in it.

In 2001, Timothy Thomas was an unarmed man who was gunned down by former Cincinnati officer Stephen Roach. That sparked a week of riots in the city and an ongoing boycott of the city.

This mayor Williams needs to understand that the issue is real.

Norwood residents are calling for the mayor to formally apologize or get the fuck out of the office.

NORWOOD, OH  45212
HOME: 731-3053
CITY: 458-4501

His freedom of speech was intrusive and inclusive of most Republicans. Just in case you want to actually know what political affiliation this clown is, Williams is a Democrat.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that despite the firestorm of controversy his letter created on social media, the mayor would "never turn a blind eye" to an officer who betrays the public's trust, Police Chief William Kramer said in response.
Norwood, Ohio at Linden Pointe. The area Montgomery Road (U.S. 22, Ohio State Routes 3 and 561) near Ohio State Route 562 known as the Norwood Lateral.
The Facebook post generated almost 200 comments since Wednesday.

While many of those 200 comments backed the mayor and applauded his support of the police department, others said the comments added fuel to the fire of racial tension while being antagonistic and insensitive.

Kramer posted a response to some of the criticism Thursday.

"In no way is he saying that he would blindly support us," Kramer said in the post.

"There were also many comments about Norwood's history. That seems to be (a) ghost that no matter how hard we try, we cannot get past. Regardless, we will continue to provide the exemplary service we always have and we also will continue to build and strengthen our relationship with the citizens and visitors to Norwood."

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