Monday, January 19, 2015

Ohio Man Stabs Woman In Wheelchair To Death!

Andrew Kimbrough is one sick bastard. Cincinnati police put the cuffs on this nut after he stabs a 60 year old woman to death. And for no goddamn reason.  Hillcreast Elderly Home residents are visibly shaken by this tragedy. The victim was in a wheelchair and she was doing an errand run when this asshole ambushed her.

A good samaritan was also injured after he tried to be a hero.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Patricia Hummons.

"The guy jumped out, threw her out of the chair, stabbed her and beat her," said Anthony Byrd, a resident at the apartment complex. "You couldn't recognize her."

As the attack ended a “Good Samaritan intervened and Kimbrough attacked the Good Samaritan with the knife,” a release from the Cincinnati Police Department reads. “During that struggle the Good Samaritan was able to get the knife away from Mr. Kimbrough.”
Psycho killer Andrew Kimbrough kills Patricia Hummonds. She was in a wheelchair when he stabbed her and beat her.
WCPO reports the Cincinnati District 4 Police Capt. Maris Herold called it a "very unfortunate attack, very violent."

Both Kimbrough and the unidentified person who tried to stop the attack suffered stab wounds and weer taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. No injury information is available.

Kimbrough is charged with murder and felonious assault.

Police have not indicated what they believe motivated the attack but some of the residents at the apartment complex believe Kimbrough was trying to rob Hummons.

"Somebody handicapped, they tried to rob her? Thats ridiculous. I can't understand that," said Joyce Jordan as she held back tears. "Who does that to handicapped people? Who does that?"

If it was a robbery attempt, Byrd said Hummons would have "[given] it to him" if her attacker would have asked for it.

"This lady was a very sweet lady. She never hurt nobody," Byrd siad. "She was a very nice, kind lady. He didn't have to kill her."

The matter remains under investigation.

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