Sunday, January 11, 2015

Not Again!

Mitt Romney
He has a mural in the basement of the First State Bank of Norton Kansas.

He is the flipper. After taking an embarrassing defeat in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Edition, the crown prince of perennial running and losing is thinking about running again. Perennial loser Mitt Romney is considering running for the nomination again.

Maybe there's a rivalry or a touch of jealousy.

Jeb Bush is considering run as well as perennial loser Mike Huckabee and novice Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). Romney once supported comprehensive immigration reform during is single term as Massachusetts governor. Romney is notorious for attacking the policies of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. He will back it in the beginning and then flip the script when asked.

Romney has a mutual hatred of not only President Barack Obama but Jeb Bush and New Jersey governor Chris Christie. He can't stand them.

Everyday the perennial loser appears on the junk food media circuit bashing the president and aiming at Hillary Clinton and the two Republicans clowns who might jump in.

I guess he's tested by just appearing on television.

The clown car is going to be huge. After all Republicans have the advantage. Who knows?

Maybe the Democrats could line up a candidate that withstand the barrage of ignorance from the crop of clowns in the Republican Party.

If this turns out the case, this will be his third time running for president. He would immediately be ranked as a first tier candidate by the junk food media.

He will tie perennial loser Ron Paul for the most times ran in modern history for U.S. President.

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